Russia worried about Kosovo ratlines helping terrorists in Syria

Boutros Hussein and Lee Jay Walker, Modern Tokyo Times

The Russian Federation is alarmed by reports that  Kosovo under the leadership of ethnic Albanians and in complete collusion with America, is being prepared to train Syrian Islamists in this disputed territory. Irrespective of what people think about the Kosovo crisis the end result is the most telling. After all, just like the American invasion of Iraq led to the vast majority of Christians fleeing, similarly under various Western organizations vast numbers of Orthodox Christians have fled Kosovo.

Indeed, it is appalling to think that in a part of Europe where Orthodox Christians have to be protected by outside forces, when venturing into many parts of Kosovo where Serbians have been cleansed, or reside in small pockets; that despite this fact, Kosovo under Kosovo Albanian rule is still deemed worthy to instigate more violence. The Western organizations based in Kosovo are meant to show “a caring side” to the intervention of Kosovo whereby non-Albanians are protected. However, the truth couldn’t be further away when it comes to the elites of Washington and London. This applies to the bigger picture being a disguise in order to “pull the strings” in a strategic part of Europe. Therefore, deep down the entire cleansing of Orthodox Christians would suit the nations who intervened in order to utilize the area for Western containment policies.

The ambassador of the Russian Federation to the United Nations (UN), Vitaly Churkin, stated in relation to Syria, that “The training of militants would run counter to the efforts of the UN and Arab League special envoy, which are supported by the entire international community…Apart from this, turning Kosovo into an international drilling ground where the militants of paramilitary formations would get training might become a serious destabilizing factor reaching out to places far beyond the boundaries of the Balkans.”

Reports about important anti-Syrian individuals who have visited Kosovo recently are raising alarm bells. It also shows you the utter “unprincipled policies of Washington.” After all, several radical Sunni Islamists who were involved in September 11 had obtained training in Bosnia, whereby killing Orthodox Christians was covertly tolerated by the Bill Clinton administration. Therefore, once more it would appear that certain important individuals in America have no qualms about using Kosovo in order to train terrorists and mercenaries.

News about possible new ratlines in the media which aren’t under the influence of Western governments and important players who stay “in the shadows,” reached the Russian Foreign Ministry. Given this, the Russian Foreign Ministry commented that “Lately there have been media reports about contacts between Syrian opposition representatives and the authorities of the so-called Republic of Kosovo…This is not just about ‘exchange of experience’ in organizing separatist movements aimed at toppling existing regimes, it is also about training Syrian militants in Kosovo.”

“Such intentions raise concerns. They run counter to the efforts of United Nations – Arab League Special Envoy Kofi Annan, backed by the entire international community. We are calling on international organizations present in the province to take whatever steps are necessary to foil such schemes.”

Ammar Abdulhamid, a so-called Syrian human-rights activist based in America, stated “We come here to learn. Kosovo has walked this path and has an experience that would be very useful for us… In particular, we’d like to know how scattered armed groups were finally organized into KLA…We’re in vital need of joint actions as a coalition opposition.”

Therefore, Ammar Abdulhamid believes that learning from a terrorist organization is the best way to move forward. Of course, leading figures in the KLA have been implemented in an organ scandal. Paul Lewis wrote inThe Guardian, a British newspaper, that “The report of the two-year inquiry, which cites FBI and other intelligence sources, has been obtained by the Guardian. It names Thaçi as having over the last decade exerted “violent control” over the heroin trade. Figures from Thaçi’s inner circle are also accused of taking captives across the border into Albania after the war, where a number of Serbs are said to have been murdered for their kidneys, which were sold on the black market.”

“The report paints a picture in which ex-KLA commanders have played a crucial role in the region’s criminal activity. It says: “In confidential reports spanning more than a decade, agencies dedicated to combating drug smuggling in at least five countries have named Hashim Thaçi and other members of his Drenica group as having exerted violent control over the trade in heroin and other narcotics.”

The current saga highlights the desperation of anti-Bashar al-Assad forces which have taken up military arms against the secular central government. Also, given the fact that the Kosovo Albanian leadership relies on Western support, it is abundantly clear that ratlines lead back to Washington and London. After all, if it wasn’t for economic, political, and military support from outside nations which support the Kosovo Albanian leadership, then this “Washington-London imposed nation state” wouldn’t exist independently outside of Serbia. Therefore, with the strings being pulled in Washington and London, it is clear that the “picture is much bigger” and for this reason the Russian Federation wants to close this channel of covert operations.

Enver Hoxhaj, a spokesperson for the Kosovo Albanian leadership, commented that “We were among the first governments in Europe who was supporting the opposition in Libya and in other Arab countries last year, because we were fighting for the same aspirations, for the same values…We have the same approach to Syria and have some diplomatic contacts between my government and (the) Syrian opposition…We are supporting very much their cause.”

The most striking similarity in America’s support of Turkey which invaded northern Cyprus; supporting the KLA in Kosovo; the invasion of Iraq; and now turning against the secular government of Syria. Is that in the first three mentioned the Christian populations were decimated because Christians were attacked and churches were destroyed. Finally, in the last mentioned it is clear that Christians and Alawites have fled areas in Syria where the terrorist opposition is strong. Given this, it is abundantly clear that the demise of secular Syria under Bashar al-Assad would lead to new forces which would turn against all religious minorities. Therefore, a similar pattern is emerging whereby minorities become victims and even decades later the same discrimination in northern Cyprus and Kosovo still exists.

RT news agency stated to Serge Trifkovic, “Words that have been associated with the KLA – assassination, terror, bombings – is that really the kind of thing that the Syrian opposition wants to be associated with?”

Serge Trifkovic replied that “It seems that they don’t care, because I understand that Ammar Abdulhamid, one of the Syrian opposition leaders who came to Pristina and actually spoke to an AP reporter, said “We are here to learn.” Now this should be a huge wake-up call for those Syrians who are not supportive of the opposition, especially the minorities: the Alawites, the Christians – either Orthodox or Greek Catholic – the Shiites, the Kurds. The moderate Sunni Muslims should remember that if the Syrian rebels learn from the KLA, that means there will be a bloodbath after the fall of Assad and there will be no room for anyone but the majority group which subscribes to its extremist credo, whether it is that of greater Albania in Kosovo or the Muslim Brotherhood offshoot in Syria.”

What is clear is that terrorist ratlines are ongoing and clearly the government of Syria is doing everything in order to protect all Syrians irrespective if Muslim, Christian, Druze, secularist, or whatever. Syria is inclusive but terrorist groups which are being supported by outside forces are intent on installing a monoculture and destroying the rich fabric of Syria.

KOSOVO AND ORGAN SCANDAL – All sources are American and from the United Kingdom