Interview: US, EU, Islamists tearing up Serbia

US, EU and Islamists continue their geopolitical coalition in the Balkans and are using their power to break Serbia into 4 different parts, says Serbia’s investigative journalist and author of many books, Marko Lopusina.

Last month, month of June, has witnessed much change throughout the world: in the Balkans, Croatia was made into an EU member while Serbia was given the date when the EU will begin its talks to make Serbia a member; Turkey is having its own “spring” as conspiracy theorists note the substantial and peculiar presence of various Turkish nationals at this year’s Bilderberg confab… US has finally come out in the open with its support for al-Qaeda killers in Syria deciding that it is wise to arm these lawless beheaders, much like what the US has done in Bosnia and Kosovo in order to, let’s be polite and not use the word genocide Serbs via these proxy killers.

“Serbia is being torn apart, and the chopping is done by the US, EU and the Islamists,” tells me Serbia’s preeminent author, publicist and investigative journalist Marko Lopusina.

The outcome that this “Syrian” coalition seeks to achieve in Serbia, Lopusina says, is to break up the country in 4 different parts so that Serbia is a geographical zone that stretches from Belgrade to Vranje with Vojvodina, Raska (or Sanjak in Muslim) and Kosovo being torn away.

“If Serbia is to be the EU member, these regions will be taken out of Serbia’s sovereignty with the so-called ‘Serb part’ in the Belgrade-Vranje zone dominated by NATO,” says Lopusina.

Our series of email exchanges has, eventually, developed in a prolonged discussion interesting enough to be compiled and sorted in this interview.


By M. Bozinovich
1) What is the outcome of the debate in Serbia over the agreement with Kosovo Albanian separatists as to whether it is treasonous or not?

There is one-mindedness in Serbia right now so there aren’t too many critics of the Brussels agreement, whose details the public does not even know. Nationalist organizations and right-wing opposition are small and their claims that the Agreement is about give-away of Kosovo and Serb people are not widely accepted. At the protests of the nationalists one sees just few hundreds of people. Most people are not interested in the so-called independent Kosovo because they are worried about lack of jobs, low pay, high unemployment and high poverty. Kosovo, among Serbs, is only the 7th issue on the list of their problems.

2) What is the security situation in southern Serbia? Which foreign spy agencies were involved in planning operations in that region?

– South of Serbia, the municipalities of Bujanovac, Presevo and Medvedja is a mix Serbs and Albanians, but the government cares more about the Albanian Muslims there than the Serbs even though Serbs are the majority in Bujanovac. The reason why Serbs are being stomped on in favor of Albanian Muslims is because the US, EU, NATO and Kosovo Albanians have bluntly told Belgrade that they will incite these minority Albanians into violence. Belgrade was told bluntly by this coalition that Albanians in this region will rise up in violence, claim a human right grudge and US and EU will help them tear up the region and make it part of Kosovo and eventually Albania. The operations of this plan are led by the CIA, German BND and MI6, all of whom have their own centers in Belgrade and Pristina.

3) So how do these spy agencies operate in this part of Serbia? What do they advise the Albanian Muslims?

In the south, Albanian Muslim nationalists are aided – besides CIA, BND and MI6 – by the secret service of Albania from Tirana, than Turkish and Bulgarian agents, because these countries have a strategic aim to cut Serbia down to size and reduce it to a zone. These agents teach Albanian Muslims the techniques in disobedience that will undermine Serbia’s legal authority over its territory, they teach Albanian Muslims in ways to ethnically cleanse Serbs from this region so that these Muslims could ethnically dominate and eventually seize the area for themselves.

4) Which spy agencies operate in Kosovo and why?

Well, we already know that CIA, MI6, BND and the Albanian spies from Tirana operate in Kosovo on behalf of the Kosovo Albanians along with Turkish and Bulgarian spies who support them. In favor of Serbian interests there, if we can claim that, are spy agents from France, Italy, Macedonia and Romania who all have an interest in saving Serbia. US, German, English, Turkish, Albanian and Bulgarian agents care very much to discover military and security infrastructure of Serbia and to remove it out of Kosovo, even if violence needed. Second, these agents care very much to recruit as many local Serbs as possible that will support their own extermination. CIA and BND are endlessly engaged in analyzing Serbian geological and cultural ownership in Kosovo so that they can extract as much wealth as possible. It is of no coincidence that every American politician, once involved in bombing Serbia over Kosovo Albanians, has a business office in Pristina.

5) Yet, though, NSA spying scandal in Washington showed that America is more interested to spy on Kosovo Albanians than Serbs? Why?

US is very much worried about their Albanian allies in Kosovo, especially their financial backers from the Albanian narco-clans because these guys could pull on their own, away from the US, and do things on their own, politics and their mafia business. Specifically, if US loses control over Thaci and Haradinaj, than the Albanian mafia, whom they control, could inflict material damage to the US interests not just in the region but worldwide. The Albanian mafia, whom these two guys lead, is the 5th largest in the world. They control drug traffic; they control people traffic and make billions in profits which they invest not just in Kosovo but in the US, Germany, Switzerland – even Russia – by financing various politicians there. As Muslims, these Albanian traffickers could easily switch their allegiance and work for Islamic causes and be agents of Turkey and Saudi Arabia, even embrace Islamic terrorists and become ardent anti-Americans.

6) Who is on the list of the Jihadist organizations in Serbia? Who funds them, how effective are they and what do they do?

Wahhabi movement is very active in parts of Raska, Rozaj and Sarajevo. Salafis are strong in Bosnia as are terrorists from the al-Nusra front and al-Qaeda. These people are sent to Serbia by wealthy Muslims from the Middle East who are funding the war on Christian West but, in Raska and Kosovo, they see willing recruits that are ready to form more Islamic states in Europe. Just one example of how dangerous these Muslims in Bosnia and Kosovo are: Adis Medunjanin is a Bosnian Muslim, an al-Qaeda operative that went to the US and for his terror plot he got the life sentence in the US. Same for the Fort Dix Albanian Muslims. These are all Balkan Muslims, ones US was defending and the ones that Serbs were bombed and killed over.

7) So than which Middle East spy agencies are active in Serbia or act as a front for their activities. Is the recent re-establishment of diplomatic ties with Saudi Arabia related to any of this?

In the Raska region, called Sanjak by Muslims, and in Kosovo, Saudi, Pakistani, Iranian, Syrian and Palestinian agents are very active seeking to mobilize the new generation of the extremist Muslims. Their aims are not just about public opinion but the actual bodies recruited, combat-ready and trained to kill. In Syria we find about 1,000 of such Islamist from Bosnia, Macedonia and Kosovo. There are about 50 of these Muslims from Serbia alone. These battle-trained local Muslims will come back to the region and eventually open up another Balkan front. They, for now, work for al-Nusra who operates in Serbia. They are said to have about 5,000 Muslim men ready to fight and are waiting for orders to kill if such orders come from Sarajevo’s Bosnian Muslims or the Saudis who are funding them. Serbia’s diplomatic relations with the Saudis, therefore, has nothing to do with quelling all these local Muslim fighters and groups – it is related with Serbia’s benign policy of reactivating their non-aligned relations.

8) What does Serbia want to achieve in relations with Turkey? What’s Turkey’s plans for the Balkans?

Official Belgrade wants good political and business relations with Turkey because Turkey is the American protectorate and economically, Turkey is a German colony. Serbia wants to use Turkey to establish good relations with the politicians in the US as well as establish relations with the German capital so that the Muslim-majority region of Raska could have investments and jobs. Turkey wants to have more influence in the Balkans but it realizes that it can’t do so unless it has a say-so in Serbia. Now, Turkey wants to finance another 5 mosques in Belgrade, another Islamic center, Islamic schools and universities and to have an open hand in capital movements. Turkey wants to establish its own schools in Sanjak and Kosovo.

9) So, who is Serbia officially supporting – Erdogan regime or the opposition?

Serbia supports the official regime with whom it has the diplomatic relations because it wants to learn their experience with their negotiations with the EU which is dragging on for decades now. Turkey is a modern European state with a strong Islamic opposition that is funded by the West. Belgrade respects Turkey because Istanbul hosts the Byzantine Orthodox center.

10) Serbia’s relations with Romania are a little shaken by the recent statement made by Romania’s Prime Minister that Kosovo should be recognized by that country and quickly. Is this announcement a change in Romanian policy towards Serbia, particularly in terms of Timok and a possible Greater-Romania ‘geo-strategy’ in the region that seeks to gobble up these regions?

Romania is an EU member and its diplomacy is supported by Brussels which seeks to get Serbia to recognize Kosovo. Romania wants Serbia to declare that Wallachs in Serbia are Romanians, so that they can get their own church and with that, Romania can gain their ethnic space within which they can meddle into Serbia’s business, including Romania’s territorial demands.

11) What’s up with the movement for an independent Vojvodina? How is the Hungarian espionage involved in this?

The Movement for an independent Vojvodina is the product of German politics so that the official Berlin returns to a position of an empire and take over north of Serbia. Hungarians in this German package fit well, are hidden but often reveal themselves as separatists, who have similar aspirations in Transylvania in Romania.

Old empires seek their own, not because of military occupation, but for expansion of global markets in goods, ideas and policies. Unfortunately, Serbs clamor to the separatists there, as we cried over Kosovo, so we create an atmosphere of separatism where there isn’t any. However, big western powers have their agents there, seeking to form an independent Vojvodina, or at least create conditions for that, so that Serbia is not the strong regional power. In fact, the West plans on chopping down Serbia into 4 parts – Kosovo, Sanjak and Vojvodina so what remains of Serbia is down the highway from Belgrade to Vranje. This is a slow process and connected to Serbia’s ascension into the EU.

12) What’s the state of connection between politicians and mobsters in the Balkans now? Some politicians are being arrested. Is this the sign that the mob is losing its political grip on the Balkans?

It is ironic that the West is supporting the arrests of all these politicians whom they supported and who pushed for the speedy privatization of state-confiscated property. That, original, privatization mafia, supported by the West, sold off all kinds of property without restitution to the original owners.

13) What is behind the recent wave of mass killings in Serbia? Heinous and nasty killings are increasing, especially among young people? Why?

– Wave of mass and public liquidations, murders in the family and among young people is a direct result of rapid and harsh installation of liberal capitalism in Serbia. Many young people have no prospects for the future or any jobs given rapid privatization of firms and destruction of existing firms. Some say that that the reason they are unemployed is because they have no skills desired. Granted, perhaps, but who got them there? Didn’t the government claim they should study and do things they did to have jobs? Tough stuff.

14) What is the central theme of your new book? What led you to write it?

After my books “CIA – the case of Yugoslavia” and “The Albanian drug mafia” in English, I’m working on transferring all my works in electronic form, to be read all over the world. Audience no longer buys printed books. For such i-audience, the electronic one, I am preparing a special book, the “Great introduction” of a secret wiretapping of Serbs in the Balkans and elsewhere.

To be sure, the Americans did not invent spying on their own neither people nor what the NSA does. The Chinese, Russians and Serbs did. In the book “Great introduction” I’ll show you how such “big Brother” spying happened!

Marko Lopusina is an investigative journalist with several dozen books published. His latest work – “CIA: the case of Yugoslavia” and “The Albanian Drug Mafia” chronicle the break up of former Yugoslavia and how the break up was aided and fueled by the US, CIA and the Albanian drug money.