Kosovo Albanian leader of Islamic Caliphate units worked for NATO

Kosovo Albanian Jihadist leader who led the troops of the Islamic Caliphate (IS) into Falluja worked for NATO and Afghanistan, reports say. The 24-year old Kosovo Albanian Muslim, Lavdrim Muhaxheri from city of Kacanik, worked at NATOs Camp Bondsteel facility of Serbia’s occupied province of Kosovo. It is unclear what his function at Bondsteel was.

Muhaxheri was also an activist for the official Islamic Community inside Kosovo which is the unofficial political arm of the separatist Albanians who enjoy wide support from Washington. In 2013, Muhaxheri is pictured in various situations for the Islamic Community in Kosovo.

Muhaxheri also belonged to a “cultural organization” called Princip which later transformed itself into an organization “Islamic Youth – Kacanik”, a local branch of the organization which apparently has its wings in all larger towns across Kosovo. At the Islamic Youth – Kacanik, Muhaxheri held the title of an Emir which by Islamic religious practices means that he leads the Jihadist troops.

Muhaxheri did 2 tours of Islamic duty for the Islamic Caliphate. First time, he left for Syria in 2012 and upon return in 2013, as a seasoned Jihadist for Islam, he joined the official Islamic Community of Kosovo which apparently welcomed him.


This summer, Muhaxheri posted photos of himself beheading someone with a knife (photo above).

Earlier this August he gave an interview for a newspaper Dita in Tirana, Albania, where he commented on his beheading experience saying that beheading is proscribed in the Koran.

Muhaxheri also told the paper that what he did was nothing different then what the US-sponsored and financed Kosovo Albanian terrorist group, KLA, did in Kosovo to Serbs.

“I am accused that I cut off one man’s head? I did nothing less nor more then the soldiers of the KLA during the war. I placed the photos of those deeds by the KLA on Facebook,” Muhaxheri is quoted as saying.

In late August, reports have surfaced that Muhaxheri has been killed by the Kurdish Peshmerga fighters. There is still no confirmation about this.

Muhaxheri is but one example of how US-backed Kosovo Albanian separatists enter Jihad in large numbers.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Serbia’s expert on Islam, Professor Miroljub Jevtic, was a lone voice warning that the Balkan wars are less about ethnicity but more about global Islamic insurgence. led by the Saudi Arabia, for the domination of the region.

“In 1991, influential Saudi Professor M.B. Saud stated, and I quote, ‘Islam in the Eastern Europe still has strong roots, and it has all of the predisposition to, with Allah’s help, become the center of the political power and, at the same time, a center of diffusion of Islam for the entire Europe and the Soviet Union’,” professor Jevtic has told me and adds that by Eastern Europe M.B. Saud meant the Balkans.

Professor Jevtic says that both Croatia and Serbia has misinterpreted and underestimated the power of Islam and engaged in mutual destruction at the expense of of themselves. In a conversation with Serbia’s former Prime Minister, Zoran Djindjic who was assassinated, Professor Jevtic warned that the US is on the side of the Muslims in the Balkans because Saudis are an important country to the US.

US Vice President Joe Biden (R) hugs Hashim Thaci, Saudi-backed Prime Minister of Kosovo (L) prior to meetings in the Roosevelt Room of the White House in Washington, DC on February 26, 2009. AFP PHOTO / Saul LOEB (Photo credit should read SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)

US Vice President Joe Biden (R) hugs Hashim Thaci, Saudi-backed Prime Minister of Kosovo (L) prior to meetings in the Roosevelt Room of the White House in Washington, DC on February 26, 2009. AFP PHOTO / Saul LOEB (Photo credit should read SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)

According to the Saudi blueprint for the Balkans, Bosnia, Kosovo and Serbia’s Sandzak are to become “independent” countries and FYR Macedonia is to be split with a half dominated by Muslims.

“In 1999, on the eve of NATOs aggression on Serbia, Organization for Islamic Cooperation welcomed Sandzak as a country into this organization. US policy in the Balkans has followed the Saudi blueprint so far so there is no reason why it should change now,” notes the professor.

Muhaxheri’s work for US-led NATO troops in the Balkans then comes as no surprise and it is to be expected that among the allegedly “just” 200 Kosovo Albanian Jihadists for the IS, some of them have been seasoned by the NATO in Kosovo.

US officials have already met with the local Muslim leaders and obtained assurances from them that they will put a tight lip on their Islamic activities. Kosovo Albanian influential Imam Ternava has issued his assurances that all the mosques in the Islamic Community in Kosovo are “under control” meaning that, in the future, upon request of the United States, we should expect less spectacular media forays of local Albanian Muslims Jihadists that the Islamic Community of Kosovo is grooming.

Islamic State issues multi-lingual call for Jihad including Albanian

Formerly known as ISIS, the Islamic State that rules Iraq and parts of Syria has issued a call for Jihad in many languages and among them is Albanian.

Let’s face it, Albanian language, like Serbian, is very insignificant in international circles unless someone large wants something from these peoples. For example, Iran has been broadcasting it’s news in Serbian for very long time even though very few Serbs are interested in what Iran has to say.

Well, that isn’t so with the Islamic State (IS) and the Albanians.

Few weeks ago, IS stormed Fallujah and the dude that led the killers into the city is an ethnic Albanian. Below we see him wielding the sword stating that, among many places, Rome and Spain are also the targets of Islam (entire video available here):








So why does this guy reveal himself as a Kosovo Albanian then stomp on the passport which he has gotten with the American help?

The point that he is making is that being a Muslim is above being any ethnic and in his case he is saying that being Albanian means nothing in comparison him being a Muslim. Islam erases nationality and Islam stomps on all countries, even ones that Islam itself has carved out as their. So, logic goes, his Islamic State will smash all nationalities and make everyone a Muslim and the sword means that those who don’t convert will die.

Scores of ethnic Albanian Muslims are in Syria and among the ISIS right now and the amount is being hidden by the media, meaning a lot more are there then being reported.

Let’s remember, ethnic Albanians were America’s friends, coached at being victims of an alleged “Serbian oppression” although we find these same Albanian Muslims blowing up Americans in Fort Dix, Turkey, Fallujah etc.

Why was America so adamant at creating an independent Muslim Kosovo?

Because in the aftermath of the first Iraq war, Bush senior carved up an Executive Agreement with the Saudis in which, among many things, US pledges to make Bosnia and Kosovo and independent states. Immediately after the Agreement, Bush issued a “weird” warning to Milosevic so that by next April his administration met with Bosnian Muslims to move the Agreement’s machinery forward.

Given that Kosovo is part of a sovereign state, US refers to its recognition as a unique case without ever clarifying what makes it unique.

Having said this, those in Washington still clinging to this Executive Agreement should look at the wisdom of it, although it is doubtful that they will do so because there is a continuity to these Agreement’s and a sense of pride that presidents maintain deals his previous ones made.

Meanwhile, it is also peculiar to note that another one of America’s coached ethnic Albanians is right now among the Islamic State leaders: I.Cazimi, son of Ridnan Cazimi, better known as the “Captain Leshi” who was part of the “background” group in NATO’s military “peace” deal with Serbia in 1999.

During NATO’s 1999 bombing of Serbia, Ridnan was NATO’s asset in using his men across Serbia to point lasers at Serbian targets so that America’s bombs can be dropped on them.

Ridnan was so advanced in ways and looks of Jihad that he sported a “Jihad” beard back when America was loudly proclaiming that Albanians Muslims in the Balkans are allegedly secular and all about “nationalism” and not about Jihad.

Go to to Fallujah to see if true?

With silence, official Bosnian Muslim Islamic community approves of Jihad killing recruitments

Bosnia’s official Islamic Community is very silent about the spread of radical Islam in Bosnia and is keeping silent about the latest recruitment drive of local to go on Jihad killing in Syria, is the conclusion of terror experts in the Balkans, often dismissed by those is Washington’s power circles that run media.

Web sites such as “Put vjernika”, “Balkanski emirat”, “Essune”, “Vijesti ummeta”, “Poziv u raj” are open in their extremist views and people who run those sites are Imam’s associated with the official Islamic Community of Bosnia.

In turn, the Islamic Community of Bosnia is regarded as “moderate” in many Washington circles with various Imams from this group taking part in speech tours in the US, lectures on tolerance or boards in such high places as Harvard.

Below is one of the recruitment videos on YouTube used to entice Bosnian Muslims to join Syrian war by touting the glory of martyr’s death.

“None of the Bosnian Muslim political parties have ever distanced itself from radical Islam. That is the way that they are sending a message that it is good to go to war for Islam. Of course, various websites come in to fill in this silence but also many NGOs though which they spread radical Islam. A significant part in this belongs to the Islamic Community of Bosnia because it is known that in many mosques in Bosnia radical Islam is being thought and Bosnians are called upon to go to war,” says Dzevad Galijasevic, Bosnian Muslim terror expert.

Recently, 2 Bosnian Muslim teen girls have decided to join Jihad in Syria where they will likely be assigned to perform sexual services male Jihad killers.

Two teens, Sabine Selimovic and Samre Kešinovic left a letter to their parents in Vienna that they are going on the “righteous path”. One is 15 the other16 years of age.

Galijasevic says that Vienna is the epicenter of Bosnian Muslim recruitment.

“All those who want to go to war in Syria first go to Vienna. There they are moved onto airplanes to Istanbul and Adan, city near Syria. Turks have established a well run scheme on moving the Jihadists into Syria,” says Galijasevic.

Galijasevic has been voicing concern for a long time over the tacit support the official Islamic Community of Bosnia (IC) is offering to the Islamic terrorists. Western powers, particularly US, consider IC a moderate organization and an American ally. ICs former chief Imam, for example, toured US many times meeting with high ranking Senators such as McCain and others, and giving numerous radio interviews and lectures on “tolerance” in places like Harvard all the while providing tacit support for the world wide Islamic Jihad and the Islamic Brotherhood terror organization.

Islamic terror recruitment intensifies in Serbia

Serbian authorities have identified 500 Islamic terror leaders that operate inside Serbia whose activities include drug smuggling, human trafficking and recruiting locally to send Jihad fighters to Syrian war.

No longer are these Islamic terror leaders concentrated in the Muslim-dominated Raska region (aka Sandjak) the report says, noting that 200 of the identified terror leaders operate freely in the capital of Belgrade. Others operate in Novi Sad, Loznica, Sjenica, Tutin and across Sumadija region.

Leader of the Belgrade Islamic terror cell is Goran Pavlovic (47), known as Abdulah. Pavlovic was born a Christian Orthodox Serb but in 2002 he converted to Islam.

Pavlovic comes from a Serbian village of Bosuta where his father still resides. Villagers live in fear there and after Bosnian Muslim attack on the US Embassy in Sarajevo Serb authorities have raided his father’s house where they found typical terrorist propaganda stuff and weapons.

Mirza Ganic

Mirza Ganic

Pavlovic has moved to the Bosnian village of Gornja Maoca where he got terror training with the radical leaders Nusret Imamovic. There, Pavlovic decided not to change his Serbian name into Islamic out of respect for his family but he married his pre-teen daughter to a Bosnian Muslim extremist Samir Cicvara.

Pavlovic is well connected with the Bosnian Muslim radical posse in Vienna, especially with Imam Safet Kuduziovic whose Vienna-based operation is very successful in recruiting Balkan radicals. Kuduzovic’s hutbas are well read among prisoners and criminals in Serbia whom he teaches that one of the things a good Muslim must do is kill anyone who insults Prophet Muhamed.

Balkan Islamic fighters have gotten notoriety in Syria by capturing a Kurdish village of Azaz near Syrian-Turkish border and live in a villa where they have been raping women and moving heroin. One such Balkanite Muslim, Mirza Ganic, seen in the photo above lying dead, has been gunned down and pronounced martyr.

The so-called FURQAN Islamic community in the Balkans is the epicenter of recruitment and Pavlovic runs the most successful branch out of Belgrade. Some suspect that heroin from Syria is handled by his group and moved on to Western Europe.

Foreign conspiracy got more transparent in Serbia

Rulers behind the shadow, the ones that decide what our puppet world will look like, has a lot of traction in Serbia with a substantial percent of population believing that rich people, led by the Americans, pull everyone by their nose in various ways in order to design the world by the will of these rich men – all in secret.

At the top of the list of these conspiratorial organizations that Serbs look at to explain their misery are the Bilderberg Group and the Trilateral Commission.

For example, one of the reasons that Milosevic cited that he needs to cut the bad “Chernomyrdin” deal on Kosovo in 1999, while Americans were bombing, is because Bilderberg Group just finished their meeting days before where Serbia was the topic of discussion – hence the UN 1234 deal.

One cannot but notice the preponderance of Turkish invitees to this year’s Bilderberg Group meeting which coincides with Turks rioting allegedly wanting a “secularist” country.

Serbia’s fictional author, Dejan Lucic, capitalized enormously on these conspiratorial beliefs with his – I believe – 3 books that novelize the Balkan space as the peon in the will and the whim of the powerful.

Regrettably, history shows that the most notorious conspirators and conspiracies occurred in the wide open and in Serbia, today, it is no different.

For example, Islam’s inventor, Mohammed, was very open and transparent that his aim is to kill lot of people in order to make the world according to his concocted “allah”. Hitler was very transparent in his intentions to kill Jews, Slavs and many others… so was Karl Marx, and his sadistic communist followers, clear that the intent is to murder and plunder in order to seek communist fantasy.

The problem with all these conspirators – let’s be nice – is that they are not angelic enough.

As for Serbia… well, another transparent globalist outfit has domiciled there – Behold! the Trilateral Commission!

Earlier this year, the world of conspiracy just got more transparent as Serbia got accepted into the Trilateral Commission, an organizations initiated by Rockafeller that keeps on feeding “officials” for any US administrations, if nothing else, out of a need for someone qualified who has a brain.

The Trilateralists, who make members only by invitation, apparently decided that there is a critical mass of rich Serbs, and influential ones, whom they can recruit to establish yet another chapter, in another country, for another new world order gig.

It so happened that earlier this year, several rich Serbs and others not so Serb, published a web site – East West Bridge –  available here at ewb.rs – and have gone public listing who these Trilateralist conspirators are.

Among the known “conspirators” are Serbia’s Energy Minister, the blond and the-good-looking Zorana Mihajlovic as she was recently accused of sabotaging Russia’s South Stream gas project by none other then the very powerful Sergey Miller of Russia.

Then there is Serbia’s Princess Elizabeth, the daughter of Prince Paul, whom, as we know, was willing to side with Hitler and actually signed some sort of a paper with him.. or am I erring.

Then there is the Atlantic Council, another organization Serbs consider conspiratorial because it is American-led, except that one of Serbia’s patriotic darlings, Prince Alexander, has been hosting these.

Then there is the “unnoticeable” membership of Darko Tanaskovic, an expert on Islam and an acquaintance of another Mr. T who sometimes gets his texts published on Serbianna.

Now, where would we be in this discussion if all these events were a secret!

By the way, next year’s Trilateralist meeting is scheduled to be held in Belgrade, says Serb media.

Which spy agencies control which Serb media

Back, during the dark days of communist repression, Serbs would tune their short-wave radios to the BBC or Voice of America in order to get the real news and not the communist propaganda.

Now, people tune to BBC and Voice of America to find out what the propaganda is.

It has been an open secret that CIA and other organs of the government in Washington control the media – how often something is reported, in which way and with what spin.

CNN, for example, is being paid by the CIA and other government organs to run certain stories. The NSA scandal, if it is one at all, simply made the assumed truth about government spying on people an article of certainty. 

In Serbia, the control of media by various political parties has been a proven certainty and is no different from the US where Republicans have Fox and Democrats have the NBC network, while various organs of the government have all of them with CNN, in particular, being the target of CIA news spin.

So for example, DS controls Blic, Beta, Danas and Vreme; DSS controls Novosti, Politika and Press. SNS has influence over Novosti, Pravda, Mondo, Kurir, b92, Glas Javnosti and Akter.

These media houses in Serbia are shuffled slightly differently when it comes to which foreign spy agency owns them.

For example, CIA controls Blic, Beta, Mondo, Danas, Vreme, b92, Press and Akter. German BND controls Politika, Kurir and Glas Javnosti. Russia’s KGB (or whatever it is called now) controls Pravda, Kurir and Glas Javnosti. Serbia’s BIA controls, besides its TV stations, Novosti.


There is a noticeable overlap of Serbian media ownership between BND and KGB who both share influence over things published by Kurir and Glas Javnosti. It is also noticeable that the CIA controls vast media space in Serbia while Russia has very little influence on Serbian print, yet despite America’s overwhelming ownership of Serbian news, most Serbs have a very low opinion of America with a substantial percent of the Serb population harboring outright hatred for the US.

These control relationships are a known secret in Serbia especially among the professional reporters who work in these houses of whom I know several and have used our conversations to construct the relationship that you see above in the graphic. As a known secret, therefore, I am not claiming, for those lawsuit happy, that these media outfits are owned by a particular spying agency, but that people who work for them and know of them have told me that these foreign governments run them.

Be that as it may, what is also not clear though, is who is profiting from this and how much, nor is the channel through which money flows to these media outfits clear.

For example, it has been speculated that George Soros used to fund b92 hence b92 outspoken hatred of Serbs, although since, Soros has divested his funding of Serbian media. Still, it is not clear, item by item, where does money come from to b92.

Similar speculation has circulated over Politika whose editor was replaced by DSS and a new one, Sonja Licht, has been placed. Licht is known to have close ties with Soros but is unclear what sort of a relationship she has now with Soros’ aims in the Balkans.

Soros, of course, is thought of, among Serbs, as a nefarious and sinister figure who is using money to destroy Serbia, physically by sponsoring enemies, like Albanian Muslim terrorists, to kill Serbs and capture their land… as well as spiritually, by having tentacles among the homosexual lobby in Serbia which, although small, has a lot of mouth.