Kosovo Albanian politician threatens debaters with a gun

Leader of the Kosovo Albanian political party of Dardania, Gani Geci seen in the photo, broke into the studio of the TV Klan with a gun in his hand issuing threats to the political opponents with whom he was suppose to have a televised debate as part of the election campaign among separatist Albanian parties in Kosovo.

“The show Debate Zone was stopped because of the attack by Gani Geci who violently stopped the show and precluded the partaking of representatives of other parties,” said TV Klan statement.

After the incident, the “police” came to the scene and nothing happened.

Geci is a rival to Thaci with bad blood among them.

Although a member of the terrorist Albanian KLA, Geci was a target of an assassination attempt in 2001 when an ambush on his car near village of Laush killed his companion Bekim Kastrati, a reporter for Boka Sot.

The assassination attempt came after Kastrati wrote about KLA atrocities, especially KLA rapes of Albanian women. Kastrati’s text showed evidence that Hashim Thaci and his deputy Suleyman Selimi known as the Sultan, organized rape attacks on Albanian women. Western media and some “scholars” in the US blame Serbs for these rapes.

Selimi is now the chief commander of the NATO-sponsored Security force of Kosovo.

Geci later testified to the EULEX deputies and the testimony led to an arrest of the Albanian assassin, Nazim Blace, who admitted of being a hired killer for Thaci and the KLA.