Bosnian Muslim Wahabbis behind terror plot on US Embassy

Mehmed Djudjic, one of the Bosnian Muslim conspirators in the attempted bombing on the US Embassy in Vienna, confirm Bosnia Muslim papers, is indeed a member of a Wahabbi sect led by a Bosnian Muslim Imam Muhamed Porca who preaches from a house located in Vienna on the Murlingenstrasse 61 street in the 12th Vienna district.

Members of this particular Vienna Wahabbi cell are explicitly told by their leader not to give interviews to the media and when Djudjic’s wife, Anela, was contacted by phone to comment on the case, she refused.

However, a rat from that cell has emerged who says that Djudjic was indeed the mastermind in the attempted attack on the Embassy because the Bosnian Muslim who walked into the Embassy carrying explosives, Asim Cejvanovic, did that after approaching Djudjic for some money.

The anonymous Bosnian Muslim says that Cejvanovic was in need of 200 Euros and when he approached Djudjic, he was given a Wahabbi text titled “Anointing in Islam” found in the rucksack along with the bombs.

“Then Cejvanovic came to Djudjic and told him that he cannot be at peace and that he needs 200 Euros,” says the anonymous tipster.

“Djudjic then told him that he has no money and gave him the book telling him to read it and the faith will calm him. He then went with the bombs to the Embassy,” says the anonymous.

Cejvanovic says that it is Djudjic who told him to go to the Embassy but, according to some Austrian news sources, his real motive was not to blow up the Embassy but in order to offer a deal to the CIA in which he will rat on his fellow Muslim who sells Islamic bombing paraphernalia in exchange for money.

The leader of the Vienna Wahabbis, Muhamed Porca, is one in the informal group of Bosnian Muslim extremist Imams who are a vital part in the worldwide Islamic terror network.

Muhamed Porca memorized the Qur’an during boyhood and got a degree from the Islamic University of Medina, Saudi Arabia.

Muhamed Porca, Senad Podojko, Jusuf Barcic, Sabahudin Albani, Safet Durguti and Sulejman Bugari are led by Adnan Buzar, an imam married to a Palestinian woman Badiya Khal’il, daughter of the notorious terrorist Abu Nidal.

Nidal’s wife, Hiaem Al Bitar, was the chief handler of Nidal’s terror money and only 2 years before Buzar married Badiya, Austrian authorities froze an $18 million account that had Badiya listed on it as the account owner. Incidentally, it was Carla Del Ponte that “unfroze” the money and allowed a withdrawal of $8 million.

It is also interesting to note an ethnic Albanian connection to this group. Sabahudin Albani, Safet Durguti and Sulejman Bugari are all ethnic Albanians.

Sabahudin Albani is a Muslim Albanian from Macedonia and is known for his unquestionable support of Osama bin Laden. Albani was a volunteer for the Bosnian Muslim army in the 1990s where he got valuable experience in killing Christians, mostly Serbs.

Safet Durguti, an ethnic Albanian from Kosovo village of Orahovac, was an appointed representative of an Islamic terror organization Vazir that was shut down in Bosnia after US discovered it was funneling money for Osama bin Laden’s terror cells.

Sulejman Bugari, who preaches hatred of Jews, Serbs and America from a mosque in Sarajevo is an ethnic Albanian. According to a Belgrade Professor of Islamic studies, Miroljub Jevtic, “Bugari sides with Al-Qaeda by accusing America for holding 6 Algerian Bosnians in Guantanamo. ‘Now they will come and chase the Algerian group to Cuba, then they will chase Imad El-Mis’ri, then they will chase Fiusanin ,'” says Bugari.

More conspicuous Albanian connection with radical Islam is made with Jusuf Barcic who studied Islam in Damascus from Muhammed Nasiruddin bin Nuh Al Albania, an ethnic Albanian who is regarded as one of the highest Wahabbi authorities in the Islamic world. Muhammed Al Albania became a professor of Islam in Damascus only after Saudis intervened on his behalf. Al Albania died in 1999.