Serbian riot incendiary involved with US Occupy movement

Occupy Wall Street movement which is going national in the US has gotten support from a Serbian national Ivan Marovic who is the boss of the Serbian riot incendiary organization Otpor.

Marovic is in business to incite riots, sedition, violence and civil wars and has had successes in such places as Serbia, eastern European so-called rainbow revolutions and Middle East like Egypt and perhaps currently in Syria.

In the video below, we see Marovic saying stuff to his Occupy audience which, almost religiously, recites every word he says as though Marovic is a prophet.

Marovic is a darling of the Thompson Reuters news agency which, over the summer, hosted Marovic’s partner Srdja Popovic in New York so Popovic can spill his wisdom as to how he goes about overthrowing governments deemed undesirable by the West. Among other things, Popovic told the New York audience this summer that his Otpor group has a pipeline of countries that will be led into convulsion and civil strife. Popovic named no names.

Otpor is considered close to George Soros’s foundations which operates across the world with goals of subverting governments into his world vision. In Serbia, Soros’ foundation is said to have funneled money to the B92 radio station and sources say that folks at that radio station are very close to Otpor.

News agency Thompson Reuters is very close to George Soros who personally has access to the editorial staff at Reuters and Reuters is diligent to publicize Soros’ effluvia including summary of reports by Soros funded International Crisis Group that has been instrumental in shaping the policy in the Balkans which prolonged wars and killing while demonizing Serbs.

Because the governments that Marovic targets are the same ones that the US seeks to replace some are speculating that Marovic is a CIA asset who parades as a non-profit self declared social do-gooder.

More specifically, in the 1990s Marovic and Otpor is said to have come under the influence of William Montgomery who was coordinating CIA action in Serbia from Hungary. Montgomery later became an Ambassador to Serbia but after retiring, Montgomery is an active writer for the B92 web site where he publishes his effluvia.

There is a substantial concern among the right-wing circles in the US who consider Marovic’s presence in the Occupy Movement as ominous and part of a larger plot to subvert the American liberties.

Some in the less extreme libertarian circles connect the Occupy Movement with the recent killing of a US citizen in Yemen who happen to be a terrorist Muslim. This particular Muslim terrorist, Anwar al-Awlaki, was murdered by the CIA drone in Yemen after being placed on a kill-list by the Obama administration.

US presidential candidate Ron Paul recently noted that after al-Awlaki murder US reporters could placed on the government hit-list.

Soros is a supporter of Obama and Obama is said to have given a “whink” to the Occupy Movement.