Is US shielding Bosnian Muslim war criminals

Recent extradition of a Bosnian Muslim, Edin Dzeko, from Seattle and with no relations to the equally named soccer star, is yet another case of a Bosnian Muslim mass murderer having gotten a domicile in the US.

Dzeko was even made a US citizen after less than 6 years of residence while most “legals” have to wait for full 7 before they even apply else they get rejected… unless you are a Bosnian Muslim war criminal, perhaps.

Evidence shows that Dzeko murdered Croatian civilians in cold blood… like a woman he shot dead as she was begging him to spare her husband.

But Dzeko is not the only Bosnian Muslim to be domiciled in the US to the point of citizenship.

Another one, just as gruesomely blood thirsty Bosnian Muslim, is Azra Basic, who lived splendidly at peace in Kentucky, for many years, before someone discovered that she loved murdering Serbian prisoners to the point that she collected their blood and made those Serbs she was yet to kill drink it.

Of course, all these Bosnian Muslims came to the US because they were Washington’s silent allies in their genocide of Serbs by proxy. Washington reused this genocide-by-proxy policy against the Serbs by inciting Albanians to riot so that, after bombing Serbia, US could create an environment in Kosovo that is conducive for extermination of Serbs.

Similar thing happened to scores of Nazi’s after their tour of duty was done – they simply disappeared into the unkown with US operatives sometimes involved in arranging their retirement.

The question is how many of such Bosnian Muslims still remain inside the US.

For an answer to this, two Bosnian Muslim organizations in the US – Bosniak American Advisory Councils (BAACBH) and Congress of North American Bosniaks (CNAB) – need to be looked at not because they sport a Congressional Caucus to lobby for their Nazi-type initiatives in the Balkans, but because some of their members are of Dzeko’s and Basic’s ilk – murderous Muslim zealots shielded by these groups because they deem them patriots… not to mention links these groups have with extremist Islam and indirect ties to al-Qaeda and Iran.

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