Orthodox Christmas Eve: Croats vandalize Serb church, Albanians blockade Decani, hit Tadic’s car with stones

Today is the Orthodox Christmas Eve, and to mark that occasion, Washington’s allies in the Balkans – Croatians and the Albanians in Kosovo – each did their part in America’s grand policy to gradually exterminate Serbs into a ghetto out of which they will be forced to negotiate either their existence or worse their total extermination.

So… Croatians attacked the church of St Cyril and Methodious in Croatia and the authorities are saying that the attackers are “unknown assailants” – euphemism for, generally, all Washington’s proxy Serb-killers in the Balkans.

In Decani, Albanian “self-determination” group gathered up to blockade the visit of Serbia’s president Tadic to this monastery.

These Albanian Muslims, keen to keep up the beloved Islamic traditions, gathered up so they can attempt to stone Tadic.

These Washington’s allies in Kosovo did manage to score a win for Islam –  Albanian Muslim stones managed to hit Tadic’s car!

Many of the cars that were following Tadic were also hit.

… and only 8 “individuals” were brought in for questioning?

As usual, Tadic will do nothing about any of this and as a result, Tadic will keep getting paper awards of all sorts – like a “european of the year” printed paper page, unknown whether it was cheap inkjet printer or more fancy laser – inked by folks with deep ties to all of these ex-Nazis in the Balkans who keep spewing stones at him.

Besides stoning Tadic, Muslim Albanian “activists” also did lot of spray-painting of Serbian busses (see photo above) with “UCK” – the acronym for their terrorist organization also known as the KLA whose chief capo is Hashim Thaci, now called Kosovo prime minister, and a great friend of many folks in Washington.

On the left, in the photo, we see Thaci friend-kiss the horrendously “ugly” Madeleine Albright, although Thaci was hugged by many in Washington including Bush, Biden and all kinds of suits from the State Department.

In all, a very successful Orthodox Christmas Eve!

With all of the former Nazi allies, Croatians and Albanians, succeeding to intimidate Serbs during one of the most holy days of hope for them… it is an outcome many Serbs should thank Washington and say to them:

“America, thank you for bankrolling our genocide and assuring that we are pissed on even on the day when we seek spiritual hope.”

Indeed America, thank you.