Syrian “rebels” learn fast from Kosovo Albanian terrorists

Last month we learned that the Syrian “rebels” have arrived in Serbia’s occupied Kosovo to be trained by the Kosovo Albanian terrorists in tactics that could topple Syria’s dictator Assad.

As a result of such training, we have also been hearing in the last several weeks of gruesome mass killings of innocent women and children in Syria. These killings have been blamed on the Assad’s army, and while predictably, Assad denies them, the killings are a replica of tactics Kosovo Albanians employed against Serbia’s defenders in order to get NATO to intervene on their behalf.

So what could have Kosovo Albanians taught the Syrians?

First lesson is that in order for the US to have an excuse for its military intervention against a regime it wants to topple, lot of innocent people have to be massacred and since the regime knows that therefore won’t do it, there has to be other mechanisms in place that will result in lots of deaths of innocent people, particularly women and children, that can be blamed on the regime.

For this mechanism to work an implicit understanding between Washington and its proxy gunmen on the ground has to exist – namely, that the Washington will use its media infrastructure to “outrage” the public and use this manufactured outrage to mobilize its military. The implicit understanding can be achieved many ways and one is by husbanding clandestine operational contacts with the gunmen that signal this implicit understanding.

Such approach by Washington has been successfully deployed in Bosnia where Bosnian Muslim successfully implemented massacres of own people that were blamed on Serbs; and in Kosovo where such implicit understanding with the Kosovo Albanian gunmen was established via clandestine operations in bases in Albania where CIA had its presence.

Second, the killing has to look as though it is perpetrated by the government forces, so Kosovo Albanians could have taught the Syrian opposition of their ways of achieving this against the Serbian security force: send some killers to hide in bushes, shoot the cops in the back and let them die, then take their uniforms so you can outfit your gang of killers in it to commit these gruesome murders.

Finally, dispatch your own gang of killers into a village and have them kill the people, particularly women and children, making sure that there are survivors and witnesses to the staged atrocity because these witnesses will later get sourced by the Western media that is dispatched in the region to look for such atrocities in the first place.

After the killing, reporters from CNN or Reuters, already on a lookout for such atrocities, are tipped about the particular massacre and the story develops all on its own: they tape all the moaning and the dead bodies, interview the deliberately saved witnesses, then narrate the diplomacy via anchors like Cooper Anderson at CNN… while other media outlets repeat the gist ad nauseum.

After such reports are aired, people like McCain, Lieberman and other like minded global warmongers start demanding US intervention.

Once the above killing cycle is repeated sufficient amount of times, military action is initiated.

…and what happens with the men that did the killing in the villages?

Often, such men, after committing these atrocities several times in the row, are themselves killed and disposed of by the insider assassins. In the Kosovo Albanian case, several of these assassins have been disposed of during an actual battle against Serbian forces, with a deadly bullet wound not from Serbian soldiers but from their own in the back of the head.

Having these killers die during a battle with Serbs also utilized the assassination in the Albanian favor because it could be blamed on Serbs while creating mythology of “martyrs” who died “honorably” as warriors while hiding the fact that they are mass murderers of their own people.

Otherwise, those killers who failed to be assassinated during skirmishes against Serb forces were assassinated in cold blood away from a battle.

For example, one such Albanian assassin is Nazim Blaca who in 2009 admitted that he murdered many Albanians per orders of the Kosovo Albanian chief thug who is supported by Washington. Blaca is alive because he ran off to the EULEX which does not have an assassination arm (yet!) making them obligated to investigate deaths of some of the names he revealed although he is careful to hold silent on names that, although implicated in murders, could help him get exonerated with the EULEX.

Apparently, Syrian “opposition” is learning very fast.