WWII Serb General tortured by communists to admit guilt

Latest book by a biographer of Yugoslav communists has found documents which show that Yugoslav communist bandits have tortured Serbia’s WWII General Mihailovich in order to force him to admit guilt.

Contrary to the claims by communist “historians”, Serbia’s General Mihailovich was tortured by Yugoslav communist secret service. Mihailovich was tortured for days by Lazic and Bedakovic, two communist security chiefs from Belgrade and Zagreb centers.

Lazic and Bedakovic got their training from Stalin’s security capo, Beria, who impressed Stalin by being able to make any man admit to anything.

Only 2 people lived through Lazic’s and Bedakovic’s interrogation tactics, and Mihailovich, who was then nurtured to heel the wounds, was eventually executed by a communists after sham court and staged proceedings.

With a well documented history of diplomatic deceit and propaganda warfare, the revelations of torture square the metaphoric loop of irony about General Mihailovich and not just about his tragic death but, posthumously, as a powerful symbol of the fate of the Serbian nation up to the WWII and thereafter including now.

General Mihailovich, center with crossed hands, pictured with his captors and torturers wearing the bloody pentagram on their foreheads in 1945 jail.

Up until his execution, General Mihailovich remained the only legitimate Yugoslav General, and with his execution legitimacy of Yugoslavia itself was extinguished. Had Serbia’s post-WWII leaders learned the lesson of General Mihailovich, they should have worked very hard to destroy that ill begotten country and be the first ones to exit out of that union out of, if anything, moral shame, because the union forced Serbs to live with the descendants of Croatian Nazis, Bosnian Muslim and Albanian Jihadists that were killing Serbs in WWII. Regrettably, led by Milosevich, Serbia was made to believe that Yugoslavia is its salvation instead the graveyard that it is.

Yet the sad irony about Mihailovich does not end there.

The diplomatic deceit of Mihailovich and propaganda warfare about his leadership in WWII was to repeat itself in the 1990s when the same countries that were gaming Mihailovich were gaming the Serbs.

During WWII, communist bandits were unpopular cowards which avoided any chance to fight the Nazis but instead used every chance to attack Mihailovich’s army and were tacit collaborators of the Nazis.

In a Zagreb meeting with German Nazi officers secured by Croatian Nazi government during WWII, top Yugoslav communist officials, documents show, have bluntly stated that their main enemy are not the Nazis but General Mihailovich and were offering an alliance to the Nazis to defeat Mihailovich’s Chetniks. Germans declined this official alliance offer but were tacitly helping the communists attack Mihailovich, a development that clearly says that, for all practical purposes, there was no difference between a Nazi and a communist in the Yugoslav WWII drama: communists, and not the Chetniks, were the Nazi collaborators.

Yet communists enjoyed the support of western nations like UK and US. BBC was keen on ascribing Mihailovich’s actions against German and Croatian Nazis to communist “partisans” who were, in fact, never involved in those fights. US eventually referred to the communist leader Tito as “our son of a bitch”.

Such anti-Serbian propaganda replayed itself in the 1990s when all sorts of invented atrocities were ascribed to Serbs and, like in WWII, it was the UK and the US that led that propaganda.

Sure that in Operation Halyard Mihailovich saved 500 US airmen but for that heroic deed, product of Mihailovich’s idealism and love of democracy, US air force carpet-bombed Serb civilians on Easter in 1944 killing over 1,000 Serb civilians. American 15th Air Force, based in Foggia, descended out of Italy with 600 bombers unloading explosives on the very Serbs who saved the American airmen. Ironically, US used another base in Italy to bomb Serbs in 1999 because Serbia dared to defend itself from Albanian Muslim bandits in Kosovo.

This American cynicism is replayed every year by the US diplomats in Serbia who mark the Operation Halyard in the village of Pranjane claiming that it is the symbol of alleged traditional good Serb-American relations.

To be sure, the Operation Halyard annual theatrics are more of an annual re-enactment of the Judas’s Kiss then any actual tradition of mutual goodness.

Finally, absence of Mihailovich’s corpse is in itself a metaphor and a parable of where the truth is.

Communist bandits are vigorously dragging Mihailovich’s case through courts arguing that their version of the truth is the “truth” all the while US and its allies in the EU are preaching to Serbs what the truth about their aggression against the Serbs in the 1990s is.

The fact that Mihailovich’s burial is shrouded in conspiracy, just like his corpse, the truth of what has been happening to the Serbs in the post-WWII era remains buried by the conspiracy.