US regrets Albanian violence against dead Serbs, was hoping it would have been against live ones

US has issued a statement in which it expresses regret that the Albanian Muslims have gone on a rampage against Serbian monuments, graves and, in general, all the dead Serbs buried in the ground.

“The United States is disheartened by this use of violence and condemns the reprisals against Kosovo Serb monuments, churches and communities that happened overnight. Not only do these attacks undermine spirit of multiculturalism in Kosovo, but they also target Kosovo communities for a decision taken in Belgrade,” says the US statement.

By regretting the violence against the dead Serbs, what the US is actually saying is that Washington would have welcomed the Albanian violence had those attacks been against live Serbs.

Given that the US is in Kosovo in order to prop, advise and otherwise enable such Albanian behavior one should not be mistaken that the US regrets violence their Albanian proxy killers in the province are engaging in but rather that the US regrets that the violence, after all of the support these killers get from Washington, had not been against live Serbs.

The statement above is also correct on the issue of multiculturalism in Kosovo, that multiculturalism in Kosovo is a spirit and as such it is invisible to most except for those chosen, in this case by Washington, who claims to exist there.