Did Serbia just swap Kosovo for a US warning to Albania

Recently, Serbia’s Prime Minister Ivica Dacic visited Washington and one concrete result of his visit seems to have unveiled just now: Serbia is to dissolve the legitimate institutions in Kosovo and make way for the illegitimate, Albanian separatist ones in exchange for Washington’s empty warning to Albania to stop meddling in Serbia’s internal affairs.

By Serbia’s internal affairs Washington presumably means the rump remainder of Serbia that they amputated off Kosovo.

Irrespective of the outcome on Kosovo issue, the warning that Washington has issued to Albania is empty because whenever it comes to Albania, as Toni Blair once pointed out, Albania can do no wrong because it has all the features that the British covet: an expanding Muslim population and a long legacy of brutal proxy-killing during their service of the Ottoman Caliphate, so why not recruit them to work for NATO.

Last week, I was critical of the type of dialogue that Serb PM held in Washington (read here), and that was without any knowledge that he came to swap something concrete, like a piece of his territory, for nothing like Washington’s jawboning of Albania.

Now, in Serbia, once again, media is elated that Washington is finally “doing something” about Albania but the cosmetology of the “warning” is just that… it is pretty! and it does nothing to remove the fundamental problem that plagues the region and that problem is the territorial insecurity of all the countries with whom Albania has borders with as well as a perennial instability in them that Albania creates.

Nor does the Washington’s statement do anything to reverse the activity flow of Albania’s secret service agents that have flooded the region and have their sites in Preshevo, Skopje/Tetovo, Malesia and parts of Greece with the German BND pretty much openly moving about in some of these regions and advising these Albanian agents on how to conduct their activities.

All of this subversive activity is washed down with plethora of NGOs which are in those regions to, ostensibly, provide “humanitarian” support and give boost to “civil society”, two modern buzzwords for operation of foreign spy bases.

Finally, now that Serbia is dissolving legitimate institutions in Kosovo, EU will go ahead with the membership talk date… another jawboning activity that could stretch indefinitely.

3 comments for “Did Serbia just swap Kosovo for a US warning to Albania

  1. Adem Demici
    February 16, 2013 at 10:13 am

    You are just a mad, angry anti-Muslim filth, Mr Bozinovich, if that is even your name. Kosova is Albania, it always was and it will be.

  2. PEN
    February 16, 2013 at 2:04 pm

    You are just a mad, angry anti-Christian filth, Mr Demici, if that is even your name. Kosovo is Serbia, it always was and it will be.
    Doesn’t look nice does it you nasty little man.

  3. jj
    February 16, 2013 at 5:04 pm

    Serb haters and their comments should not be allowed on here. They have so many other places to peddle their hate. Only constructive criticism and the like should be here. The Muslim liars simply distract and can derail any decent conversation and debate. They’ve had more than their share of say and they’ve only produced a bunch of bull!

    Go away Adem Demici – you Albanians have done nothing important in most all your history.

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