Evidence popping on Srebrenica numbers hoax

For a long time now there has been a debate as to the real number of killed in Srebrenica with Bosnian Muslims inflating the figure and Serbs, most convincingly the military strategists, noting that the victorious Serbian troops were not shooting the civilians because they were too busy with operations.

Of course, when talking about the Srebrenica “massacre” it is conveniently meant a discussion about the Bosnian Muslims killed and not the Serbs whom the Bosnian Muslims killed prior to being expelled from that city.

Be all of that as it may, there are increasing number of reports suggesting that evidence exists that the number of “dead” Bosnian Muslims is seriously inflated.

For example, I am consistently receiving information from sources in Norway suggesting that “hundreds” of Bosnian Muslims that have been listed on the official papers as killed by the Serbs in Srebrenica are actually alive and are mingling freely between Norway and Bosnia.

The source hasn’t revealed the information as of yet, she tells me, because she is looking into names in the United States where number of Bosnian Muslims are living that also appear on the list of the dead.

To be sure, I have not seen this evidence and cannot vouch for it but as soon as it becomes available we are sure to hear it.

A more complete information on this, however, has already appeared in the press.

For example, chief of Karadzic’s legal team, Goran Petronijevic, has announced that soon a witness will be called to testify who is declared to be a “dead Muslim”. Petronijevic says that so far his team has identifies 26 Muslims that are on the list at the Srebrenica memorial center that are, as he put it, living in “third” countries.

“Fear that those people have for their personal and family security is enormous,” Petronijevic said so “that person, and many others will testify under security measures.”

Because of security issues, Petronijevic declined to add anything further on this matter.

“Therefore I cannot offer more details but that his testimony he gave was 400 pages long,” noted Petronijevic.

Another devastating detail against the Srebrenica numbers hoax just came out this morning with a statement by the “founding father” of the dominant Bosnian Muslim political party, the SDA, who says that him and other top echelon Bosnian Muslims were circulating a list of 500 to a 1,000 Bosnian Muslim names that were murdered by their own during their withdrawal out of Srebrenica in July of 1995.

“At least 10 times have I heard the chief of [Bosnian Muslim] police Hakija Mehonjic [about this list]. I would not be surprised if he is to claim that he never said that,” says Ibran Mustafic, one of the founding members of the ruling SDA party of Bosnian Muslims who are credited with bringing in al-Qaeda killers into Europe and domiciling them into Bosnia.

Mustafic says that the lists existed that said that those 1,000 or so Srebrenica Muslims must not “under no price be left alive and grab onto liberty”.

“I personally know that the [official Srebrenica list of dead] is a father who is said to have lost a son, but he never had a son, neither among killed nor missing. Similar is about the man who died in the Netherlands, but is carried under missing” Mustafic says.

He is also skeptical on the real number of dead in Srebrenica because it is being manipulated.

“Srebrenica has been, since 1993 to 1995, a demilitarized zone. So how come there are so many wounded and alive,” Mustafic points to an anomaly.

Just like his compadre who recently testified at the Karadzic trial, Mustafic says that Bosnian Muslims had a secret assassination squad whom he refers to a “the lord of life and death”.

We are sure to hear more on this issue as time goes on.

3 comments for “Evidence popping on Srebrenica numbers hoax

  1. george
    February 20, 2013 at 8:43 am

    What a surprise or is it,the west especialy the USA have always known. They are the ones who helped in this disguise,it was a lie and an excuse to bomb Serbs,it was there plan from the beginning. Who do you thing supplied the weapons to them in the first place..UN arms embargo MY A*S,The USA and Argentina come to mind,who knows how many other nations in the west did the same,international law what a JOKE!

  2. jj
    February 20, 2013 at 6:36 pm

    There have been a lot of Srebrenica Muslims settled in the greater St. Louis, Missouri area – including many who were soldiers. Some were even interviewed in a book called “After the Fall: Srebrenica Survivors in St. Louis” Patrick Mccarthy

    And despite the author going along with the main Srebrenica propaganda, there is the fact that several Srebrenica men and teenage boys of the extended family, including those who were soldiers, are interviewed, mentioned and/or pictured which rather goes against the claims.

    The former soldiers even mention how they were ordered off their defense positions the day before their fall. One says their defenses had been very strong and “all around” Srebrenica up to the point where they were ordered off. So it looks like they, in superior numbers and in the more advantageous defensive position could have easily prevented the Serb forces (smaller in number by a factor of four) from entering.
    So obviously it was wanted/allowed by the leadership for the Serbs to enter Srebrenica and that could only happen by having the Bosnian Muslim army sent out of Srebrenica.
    The ex-soldier interviewed said it was his brigade commander and the UN who were ordering them off their positions and to gather in a designated area in northern Srebrenica.

    Then, in a recent year, I came upon a blog of a non-Balkan activist who was there for the annual burial of “Srebrenica victims” in July, and though there was nothing in her tone which doubted the narrative, she remarked that she was surprised to see often just one bone (or a very small number) in the coffins – so in other words, there aren’t bodies or even substantial skeletons in those closed coffins displayed in the pictures, but just a bone or so. It would be a way to exaggerate the dead – a coffin for each bone they find?

  3. Veljko
    February 21, 2013 at 5:34 am

    If 1,000 Muslims were shot dead by Muslims themselves, than some of those who did the shooting have to be alive somewhere.

    Shooting that many people requires lot of people, so the next step is to find these Muslim shooters that have killed these 1,000 and hear what they have to say.

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