On the purposes of cultivating “leaders” in Serbia by the US

After two world wars, a diplomatic theorem has emerged suggesting that a defeated country should also get a diplomatic escape valve which it can claim to be a dignified way for them to regain their face that is otherwise denigrated in various ways by the victorious powers. In case of the Balkans, the big powers, led by the US, are working hard to create such escape valve for Serbia while the real policy thrust of the victorious powers is – let’s be polite and say – a “reduced influence” of Serb population and culture in the Balkans by facilitating various genocidal means against Serbs to achieve that.

It is no wonder than that US stands silent as Albanian Muslims routinely, almost on daily bases, engage in attacks on Serbs across the Kosovo province which, with the US help, was seized by these Albanian Muslims. US is also silent at the persistent discriminatory practices by EU’s newest member, Croatia, as it pursues legal and other means to ethnically cleanse the Serbs which it hasn’t so far. Similarly in Bosnia, US and the “think-tanks” that suggest a policy on Bosnia, lean against the rights of the Bosnian Serbs and favor political domination over them by allocating more dominant and discriminatory powers to the Bosnian Muslims who covet them for the sake of Islam.

Territory seizure and population expulsion – a silent genocide – is but one aspect of the American policy towards Serbs, and a successful one, done at no cost to Washington because it has been “off-shored” to the the governments of Croatia, Bosnian Muslims and Albanian Muslims, all of them who had volunteer SS-divisions in WWII that were unsuccessful at the very thing that the US is allowing them to do now.

Of course, it is one thing for Washington to have its proxy-killing force that is outside the borders of Serbia, but keeping these proxy-killers successful requires that the US also cultivates “leaders” inside Serbia that are willing to do nothing as their ethnic kin are deliberately targeted for extermination elsewhere. Cultivating such “leaders” inside Serbia requires finesse and one way to achieve that is by employing the reward-punishment method used in training dogs and other animals.

For example, Serbia’s Prime Minister Ivica Dacic was recently “rewarded” with a personal letter by the departing US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, a practice that no other US Secretary used before on Serbia, and as a result, such gesture was interpreted by the Serbian media as Washington’s “warming” towards Belgrade.

However, this “warm” letter came only after Ivica Dacic agreed to dismantle Serbia’s legitimate institutions in Kosovo so that the illegitimate ones that are set up by the Albanian Muslim separatists could take over.

This exchange in which Dacic gets a piece of paper with some ink on it, printed off a Chinese-made printer, in exchange for relinquishing Serbia’s judicial right over its sovereign territory is the very example of an escape valve that the US is creating for Serbia’s “leaders” so that the violent seizure of Serbian territory could appear as a “dignified” solution.

By contrast, certain personalities inside Serbia that stand in the way of Washington’s policy are punished by removal from their position by folks with allegiance to the US.

For example, Serbia’s former Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic, now serving at the UN, has been removed from his political party and is being dragged in domestic courts over trivial things but his domestic travails have a larger diplomatic context in which Jeremic becomes professionally isolated at the UN where he can now be cornered so that the US could score the ultimate satisfaction of making its still-born Kosovo a member of the UN and, at that, on the Serbian watch at the UN.

Another example is the fate of the former Bishop Artemije whose activities to raise awareness among Americans on the destruction of Christian Serbs in Kosovo at the hands of Albanian Muslims, whom US supports, stood in the way of Washington and were termed by the US Embassy in Belgrade as “particularly unhelpful“. Ironically, it was Jeremic, upon whom the US is wrapping the noose currently, who facilitated the removal of Bishop Artemije from his post in Kosovo and was given a retreat into a monastery. To square the noose even more, US State Department has granted a visa to this removed Bishop so that he could visit Serbian colonies across the US in hope of causing more splits inside the Serbian Orthodox Church faithful and the clergy who are not taking part in his meetings.

So how are these “leaders” in Serbia who set-up these entrapments cultivated by the US?

There are endless ways to do so… such as holding “discussions” with individuals who may facilitate outcomes favorable to the US. One example comes to us through the Wikileaks where Serbian Bishop Irinej is being praised by the US for the background information he is providing on the inner-workings of the Church termed as “observations provide some important insights” to the US but, if applying US guidelines on government secrets, borderline treasonous.

Another way is to invite these “leaders” to certain functions, be they at the US Embassy in Serbia or in the US. For example, some members of Serbia’s opposition are never invited at the US Embassy in Belgrade while most of the current and prospective “leaders” are regulars on July 4th in Belgrade or are ordered to show up in Washington for the Prayer Breakfast with the President.

Nor is it very expensive to cultivate such “leaders” in Serbia. For example, several years ago it was revealed that Serbia’s former President Boris Tadic had no more than 100,000 Euros in personal assets, about an annual income of professional middle-class US household… so creating opportunities for individuals like that to earn several thousand euros represents a quantum gain in assets for him but a negligible sum for the US State Department plus a costless acknowledgment on piece of paper of how great a “leader” such may be.

As Serbia’s EU “integration” progresses, such animal-based diplomacy from the West is expected to continue as each marginal rapprochement towards the EU membership will require Serbia to relinquish one or more additional elements that define its sovereignty over the province that US wants to tear up while these “leaders”, after proper and inexpensive cultivation by the US, remain inert at any and all sorts of attacks on Serbs in the Balkans.

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  1. Veljko
    March 3, 2013 at 5:13 am

    This great article should have been titled differently because it is about the American evil intrigue of Serbs.

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