Serbia looks set to reject EU coercion

With the “very likely” rejection of EU ultimatum to recognize Kosovo Albanian Muslim outlaws, Serbia looks like it is laying out 3 arguments for the rejection:

(1) The offer is not written on paper but just ideas that are not enforceable

(2) Ideas offered are an ultimatum to enforce laws that are not in the Serbian constitution but in the “constitution” of the outlaw Albanian Muslim entity and

(3) EU may not be the best medium to “negotiate” issue of Kosovo irrespective of what Germany demand out of Serbia before it gets a date for membership talks.

If rejected, the status of Kosovo remains frozen as is with the Albanian separatists in the same predicament: (1) shielded by the US and promoted as some sort of a country (2) no loss for the Albanian Muslim separatists and (3) firmer conviction by the Albanian Muslim separatists that the EU and US stand behind their interests and are invincible (for how long?)

Of course, Serbia will be blamed for the failure but, harking back at history, blaming Serbs for rejecting a deal that decapitates their country is not nearly as bad as bombing which EU and US did.

Nor is the EU membership quite an exclusive club now-a-days. With half the members bankrupt or about to be, EU looks like a club ideally made for Germany and the Dutch to export their ware to the remaining members who are so contrite, out of fear, to just buy up what these make. Serbia, which produces not much Germany wants to buy, does not belong in this club where the only reason it is invited is very mystifying given that Serbia is asked to sacrifice 15% of its territory as ransom.

There is a more profound criteria about Serbia’s EU membership, however.

If the EU is pissing on Serbia and dumping excrement on them as a requirement to join this club of the “bankrupt” what incentive does Serbia have to actually join? Does anyone in their right mind want to join a club where the pre-requisite is loosing limb, being demonized as an idiot only to be a member of a bankrupt society?

In fact, if Serbs are such backwards idiots for the EU, why does EU want Serbia to join that “elite” and bankrupt club and add an idiot country to their membership?


Serbia will be served way better to wait until EU, as is, collapses and a new financial arrangement is reset in Europe before actually considering anything EU is offering… which may be a long time which Kosovo Albanian terrorists may not have.

2 comments for “Serbia looks set to reject EU coercion

  1. Maie Kark
    April 8, 2013 at 4:51 am

    Very well said!

  2. Veljko
    April 8, 2013 at 9:53 am

    Great Point! If Serbia is such a sh*t of a country than why is EU pursuing Serbia to join EU and pollute it.

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