Foreign conspiracy got more transparent in Serbia

Rulers behind the shadow, the ones that decide what our puppet world will look like, has a lot of traction in Serbia with a substantial percent of population believing that rich people, led by the Americans, pull everyone by their nose in various ways in order to design the world by the will of these rich men – all in secret.

At the top of the list of these conspiratorial organizations that Serbs look at to explain their misery are the Bilderberg Group and the Trilateral Commission.

For example, one of the reasons that Milosevic cited that he needs to cut the bad “Chernomyrdin” deal on Kosovo in 1999, while Americans were bombing, is because Bilderberg Group just finished their meeting days before where Serbia was the topic of discussion – hence the UN 1234 deal.

One cannot but notice the preponderance of Turkish invitees to this year’s Bilderberg Group meeting which coincides with Turks rioting allegedly wanting a “secularist” country.

Serbia’s fictional author, Dejan Lucic, capitalized enormously on these conspiratorial beliefs with his – I believe – 3 books that novelize the Balkan space as the peon in the will and the whim of the powerful.

Regrettably, history shows that the most notorious conspirators and conspiracies occurred in the wide open and in Serbia, today, it is no different.

For example, Islam’s inventor, Mohammed, was very open and transparent that his aim is to kill lot of people in order to make the world according to his concocted “allah”. Hitler was very transparent in his intentions to kill Jews, Slavs and many others… so was Karl Marx, and his sadistic communist followers, clear that the intent is to murder and plunder in order to seek communist fantasy.

The problem with all these conspirators – let’s be nice – is that they are not angelic enough.

As for Serbia… well, another transparent globalist outfit has domiciled there – Behold! the Trilateral Commission!

Earlier this year, the world of conspiracy just got more transparent as Serbia got accepted into the Trilateral Commission, an organizations initiated by Rockafeller that keeps on feeding “officials” for any US administrations, if nothing else, out of a need for someone qualified who has a brain.

The Trilateralists, who make members only by invitation, apparently decided that there is a critical mass of rich Serbs, and influential ones, whom they can recruit to establish yet another chapter, in another country, for another new world order gig.

It so happened that earlier this year, several rich Serbs and others not so Serb, published a web site – East West Bridge –  available here at – and have gone public listing who these Trilateralist conspirators are.

Among the known “conspirators” are Serbia’s Energy Minister, the blond and the-good-looking Zorana Mihajlovic as she was recently accused of sabotaging Russia’s South Stream gas project by none other then the very powerful Sergey Miller of Russia.

Then there is Serbia’s Princess Elizabeth, the daughter of Prince Paul, whom, as we know, was willing to side with Hitler and actually signed some sort of a paper with him.. or am I erring.

Then there is the Atlantic Council, another organization Serbs consider conspiratorial because it is American-led, except that one of Serbia’s patriotic darlings, Prince Alexander, has been hosting these.

Then there is the “unnoticeable” membership of Darko Tanaskovic, an expert on Islam and an acquaintance of another Mr. T who sometimes gets his texts published on Serbianna.

Now, where would we be in this discussion if all these events were a secret!

By the way, next year’s Trilateralist meeting is scheduled to be held in Belgrade, says Serb media.