Islamic State issues multi-lingual call for Jihad including Albanian

Formerly known as ISIS, the Islamic State that rules Iraq and parts of Syria has issued a call for Jihad in many languages and among them is Albanian.

Let’s face it, Albanian language, like Serbian, is very insignificant in international circles unless someone large wants something from these peoples. For example, Iran has been broadcasting it’s news in Serbian for very long time even though very few Serbs are interested in what Iran has to say.

Well, that isn’t so with the Islamic State (IS) and the Albanians.

Few weeks ago, IS stormed Fallujah and the dude that led the killers into the city is an ethnic Albanian. Below we see him wielding the sword stating that, among many places, Rome and Spain are also the targets of Islam (entire video available here):








So why does this guy reveal himself as a Kosovo Albanian then stomp on the passport which he has gotten with the American help?

The point that he is making is that being a Muslim is above being any ethnic and in his case he is saying that being Albanian means nothing in comparison him being a Muslim. Islam erases nationality and Islam stomps on all countries, even ones that Islam itself has carved out as their. So, logic goes, his Islamic State will smash all nationalities and make everyone a Muslim and the sword means that those who don’t convert will die.

Scores of ethnic Albanian Muslims are in Syria and among the ISIS right now and the amount is being hidden by the media, meaning a lot more are there then being reported.

Let’s remember, ethnic Albanians were America’s friends, coached at being victims of an alleged “Serbian oppression” although we find these same Albanian Muslims blowing up Americans in Fort Dix, Turkey, Fallujah etc.

Why was America so adamant at creating an independent Muslim Kosovo?

Because in the aftermath of the first Iraq war, Bush senior carved up an Executive Agreement with the Saudis in which, among many things, US pledges to make Bosnia and Kosovo and independent states. Immediately after the Agreement, Bush issued a “weird” warning to Milosevic so that by next April his administration met with Bosnian Muslims to move the Agreement’s machinery forward.

Given that Kosovo is part of a sovereign state, US refers to its recognition as a unique case without ever clarifying what makes it unique.

Having said this, those in Washington still clinging to this Executive Agreement should look at the wisdom of it, although it is doubtful that they will do so because there is a continuity to these Agreement’s and a sense of pride that presidents maintain deals his previous ones made.

Meanwhile, it is also peculiar to note that another one of America’s coached ethnic Albanians is right now among the Islamic State leaders: I.Cazimi, son of Ridnan Cazimi, better known as the “Captain Leshi” who was part of the “background” group in NATO’s military “peace” deal with Serbia in 1999.

During NATO’s 1999 bombing of Serbia, Ridnan was NATO’s asset in using his men across Serbia to point lasers at Serbian targets so that America’s bombs can be dropped on them.

Ridnan was so advanced in ways and looks of Jihad that he sported a “Jihad” beard back when America was loudly proclaiming that Albanians Muslims in the Balkans are allegedly secular and all about “nationalism” and not about Jihad.

Go to to Fallujah to see if true?