Israel nabs Bosnian Muslim, Albanians on terror ship

During the raid on the Muslim terror ship, Israeli commandos have arrested a Bosnian Muslim national. His name is Yasser Mohamad Sabbagh and he is of the Syrian origin and he is pictured on the left.

Four additional Balkan Muslims were nabbed by the Israelis and presumably all of them are ethnic Albanian Muslims. One is from Kosovo and the 3 others are from Macedonia where Wahhabism is rampant among the Albanian Muslims.

The Kosovo Albanian arrested by Israel is Ramiqi Fuad President of Muslim Forum of Kosova and he said to Sabbagh:

“I was at this time stated the common suffering that we went during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Kosovo war. Knowing what the situation in Palestine, at least we can contribute is that they carry a part of faith in the freedom that we achieved after long years, and will also one day have.

Sabbagh wrote in his last e-mail sent by the Organization of MFS in BiH saying that “Because of this mission has only one representative from Kosovo and a representative from Bosnia and Herzegovina, pleases you to more Bosnia. the media involved in monitoring these activities”.

Earlier this year, Israel warned via Macedonia’s PM that local Balkan Muslims are deep into world’s Islamic Jihad.

After the arrest of bunch of Jihadists on this Turkish ship, Israel now extends its warning by saying that “Dozens of passengers who were aboard the Mavi Marmara Turkish passenger ship are suspected of having connections with Global Jihad-affiliated terrorist organizations” while the Israeli defense ministry says that there are “growing concerns that Turkey will dispatch Navy warships to accompany a future flotilla to the Gaza Strip.”

Turkey has been rattling against Jews for some time now, and after Turkey wrapped up bunch of diplomatic deals with Serbia, they got Belgrade to support UN investigation of the raid on the terror ship.

Anyway, foreign born Muslims came to Bosnia in the 1990s so they can kill non-Muslims and most of them have been awarded Bosnian citizenship by the Bosnian Muslim government. Most world’s terrorists are graduates of the Bosnian Muslim Jihad.

Sabbagh is currently held in the prison at Ela near Bar Sheva.

Bosnia’s Foreign Minister, Sven Alkalaj, issued a directive to his Ambassador in Israel, Ivana Levi, to extend consular help to this Syrian-born Bosnian Muslim. Alkalaj orderd Levi to visit Sabbagh as soon as possible and report back to him. Sabbagh’s son, Amar, demands that the Bosnian Muslim government seek relief for his father via Israel and/or Turkey.

Dzenana Sabic, Bosnian Muslim member of the International Solidarity Forum – EMMAUS, says that Sabbagh was carrying an alleged “humanitarian” help collected among Bosnian Muslims for the Palestinians.

Since most Islamic so-called charities are terror-funding enterprises, a link can already be established between the Solidarity Forum, the terror-funding Islamic Relief and the official Bosnian Muslim religious body.

Specifically, last year, the official Bosnian Muslim religious body called Rijaset of the Islamic Community, donated 100,000 Euros to Gaza that it collected via its mosques in Bosnia but, the money that the official Bosnian Muslim religious body raised was given to the Islamic Relief.

In 2003, Islamic Relief is has been designated as a terror funding organization under the Executive Order 13224.

So in essence, Sabbagh is a delivery-boy of the terror money that the official Bosnian Muslim religious body raised across the Bosnian Muslim mosques.

In other words, the official Bosnian Muslim religious body went around collecting Euros in order to ship it via terror-funding Islamic charity with Sabbagh as a delivery-boy.

The Rijaset is also very loose on portraying Jews as evil and have issued many official hutbas or religious teachings telling the Bosnian Muslim faithful that Jews are “cowards and plotters which are constantly turning to the right path and make a mess on Earth” calling Moses (Musa) as the first of the “Jew deceivers” and that Jews “rush to sin and cause Allah… into anger.”