Foreign conspiracy got more transparent in Serbia

Rulers behind the shadow, the ones that decide what our puppet world will look like, has a lot of traction in Serbia with a substantial percent of population believing that rich people, led by the Americans, pull everyone by their nose in various ways in order to design the world by the will of these rich men – all in secret.

At the top of the list of these conspiratorial organizations that Serbs look at to explain their misery are the Bilderberg Group and the Trilateral Commission.

For example, one of the reasons that Milosevic cited that he needs to cut the bad “Chernomyrdin” deal on Kosovo in 1999, while Americans were bombing, is because Bilderberg Group just finished their meeting days before where Serbia was the topic of discussion – hence the UN 1234 deal.

One cannot but notice the preponderance of Turkish invitees to this year’s Bilderberg Group meeting which coincides with Turks rioting allegedly wanting a “secularist” country.

Serbia’s fictional author, Dejan Lucic, capitalized enormously on these conspiratorial beliefs with his – I believe – 3 books that novelize the Balkan space as the peon in the will and the whim of the powerful.

Regrettably, history shows that the most notorious conspirators and conspiracies occurred in the wide open and in Serbia, today, it is no different.

For example, Islam’s inventor, Mohammed, was very open and transparent that his aim is to kill lot of people in order to make the world according to his concocted “allah”. Hitler was very transparent in his intentions to kill Jews, Slavs and many others… so was Karl Marx, and his sadistic communist followers, clear that the intent is to murder and plunder in order to seek communist fantasy.

The problem with all these conspirators – let’s be nice – is that they are not angelic enough.

As for Serbia… well, another transparent globalist outfit has domiciled there – Behold! the Trilateral Commission!

Earlier this year, the world of conspiracy just got more transparent as Serbia got accepted into the Trilateral Commission, an organizations initiated by Rockafeller that keeps on feeding “officials” for any US administrations, if nothing else, out of a need for someone qualified who has a brain.

The Trilateralists, who make members only by invitation, apparently decided that there is a critical mass of rich Serbs, and influential ones, whom they can recruit to establish yet another chapter, in another country, for another new world order gig.

It so happened that earlier this year, several rich Serbs and others not so Serb, published a web site – East West Bridge –  available here at – and have gone public listing who these Trilateralist conspirators are.

Among the known “conspirators” are Serbia’s Energy Minister, the blond and the-good-looking Zorana Mihajlovic as she was recently accused of sabotaging Russia’s South Stream gas project by none other then the very powerful Sergey Miller of Russia.

Then there is Serbia’s Princess Elizabeth, the daughter of Prince Paul, whom, as we know, was willing to side with Hitler and actually signed some sort of a paper with him.. or am I erring.

Then there is the Atlantic Council, another organization Serbs consider conspiratorial because it is American-led, except that one of Serbia’s patriotic darlings, Prince Alexander, has been hosting these.

Then there is the “unnoticeable” membership of Darko Tanaskovic, an expert on Islam and an acquaintance of another Mr. T who sometimes gets his texts published on Serbianna.

Now, where would we be in this discussion if all these events were a secret!

By the way, next year’s Trilateralist meeting is scheduled to be held in Belgrade, says Serb media.

Which spy agencies control which Serb media

Back, during the dark days of communist repression, Serbs would tune their short-wave radios to the BBC or Voice of America in order to get the real news and not the communist propaganda.

Now, people tune to BBC and Voice of America to find out what the propaganda is.

It has been an open secret that CIA and other organs of the government in Washington control the media – how often something is reported, in which way and with what spin.

CNN, for example, is being paid by the CIA and other government organs to run certain stories. The NSA scandal, if it is one at all, simply made the assumed truth about government spying on people an article of certainty. 

In Serbia, the control of media by various political parties has been a proven certainty and is no different from the US where Republicans have Fox and Democrats have the NBC network, while various organs of the government have all of them with CNN, in particular, being the target of CIA news spin.

So for example, DS controls Blic, Beta, Danas and Vreme; DSS controls Novosti, Politika and Press. SNS has influence over Novosti, Pravda, Mondo, Kurir, b92, Glas Javnosti and Akter.

These media houses in Serbia are shuffled slightly differently when it comes to which foreign spy agency owns them.

For example, CIA controls Blic, Beta, Mondo, Danas, Vreme, b92, Press and Akter. German BND controls Politika, Kurir and Glas Javnosti. Russia’s KGB (or whatever it is called now) controls Pravda, Kurir and Glas Javnosti. Serbia’s BIA controls, besides its TV stations, Novosti.


There is a noticeable overlap of Serbian media ownership between BND and KGB who both share influence over things published by Kurir and Glas Javnosti. It is also noticeable that the CIA controls vast media space in Serbia while Russia has very little influence on Serbian print, yet despite America’s overwhelming ownership of Serbian news, most Serbs have a very low opinion of America with a substantial percent of the Serb population harboring outright hatred for the US.

These control relationships are a known secret in Serbia especially among the professional reporters who work in these houses of whom I know several and have used our conversations to construct the relationship that you see above in the graphic. As a known secret, therefore, I am not claiming, for those lawsuit happy, that these media outfits are owned by a particular spying agency, but that people who work for them and know of them have told me that these foreign governments run them.

Be that as it may, what is also not clear though, is who is profiting from this and how much, nor is the channel through which money flows to these media outfits clear.

For example, it has been speculated that George Soros used to fund b92 hence b92 outspoken hatred of Serbs, although since, Soros has divested his funding of Serbian media. Still, it is not clear, item by item, where does money come from to b92.

Similar speculation has circulated over Politika whose editor was replaced by DSS and a new one, Sonja Licht, has been placed. Licht is known to have close ties with Soros but is unclear what sort of a relationship she has now with Soros’ aims in the Balkans.

Soros, of course, is thought of, among Serbs, as a nefarious and sinister figure who is using money to destroy Serbia, physically by sponsoring enemies, like Albanian Muslim terrorists, to kill Serbs and capture their land… as well as spiritually, by having tentacles among the homosexual lobby in Serbia which, although small, has a lot of mouth.

What does the death of Jovanka Broz say about Serbia

One of Tito’s wives, Jovanka Broz, recently died and she was buried with full Serbian state honors, placed right along her late and estranged husband who ruled Yugoslavia by Stalin’s diktat at first, and then by his own as the West tried to tear  him away from Stalin.

Tito’s power base lied amongst the Serbs and for a Croatian, this is a huge success because Tito’s appeal is against fascism, something Serbs abhor, hate and, as history shows, die en masse for that.

It is amazing what a Croatian can do with many Serbian lives whom he can afford to sacrifice!

Jovanka’s funeral was embellished by the unofficial anti-fascist song, Bella Ciao, an Italian tune which she requested to be played at her funeral.

It seem that revolutionaries – and killers in general – are never concerned about their souls but care more about a song that one can remember their corps by!

Be that as it may, the song, itself, speaks of Jovanka’s ultimate allegiance to – abhorrence of fascist tyranny and resistance to it.

Sure, massive amount of people showed up to pay respect to Jovanka’s corpse, and those same ones, one presumes, are complaining about the TV series Serbia has developed that depicts the legitimate Serbian general, Draza Mihailovich, whom Jovanka’s husband tricked into loosing the political game of the Yugoslav power.

Seen from afar, Serbia is still divided – with communists and their descendants demanding a privilege to “truth” even though their truth is not holding up water.

Jovanka wanted freedom and if so, why cant Serbs who are legitimate – the Serbian army of Draza Mihailovich – have the truth be told?

Communist descendants need to come to terms and distinguish between real antifascists, Serbian Chetniks and Partisans, versus Croatians who were uniformly Nazis.

Just because Jovanka’s husband would not accept the legitimate General Draza Mihailovich, it does not automatically mean General Mihailovich and the Chetniks are Nazi and fascists when her husband’s ethnics, the Croatians, were ardent Nazis, all to the last one!

The remains of the communists and their descendants need to acknowledge that they are illegitimate in Serbia, illegitimate among Serbs, and then seek some forgiveness for pogroms and property confiscacions they’ve done – particularly in Belgrade.

As far as any metropolitan, entrepreneurial Serbs are concerned, a communist and the descendant means loss of property, wife, and limb… something Jovanka is the symbol of and something these communists descendants still have no shame of.

In fact, if one is to bet, Jovanka herself is buried into land that does not belong to her but to a Serb whom her communist husband looted off property. Indeed, for those who are godless, phuh, it matters not whose property they are squatting into, let alone whose are they buried under.

Ultimately, these communists and their descendants will pay!


Outrage! UK fails to name future king Muslim name

It should be the outrage that the “royal” family of the English queen failed to name their son the most popular English name – the Muhhammed.

Muhhamed is so dominant a name in the UK that no English should avoid being named as such!

Of course, the “royals” could have played around with the spelling of their new baby name like – Muhhammed or Mohammed or Muhamed – but, in the end, the “royals” failed to provide such uniques, and as the result, failed to capture the British diversity that is becoming.

Instead, the “royals” decided to name the baby – wtf – George!

C’mon now!

How Muslim a name is George especially for an up and coming Islamic power that Britain is becoming?

Let’s face it… Brits don’t believe in God, most of their “believers” are Muslim and Brits have gotten themselves so well atheisized that the only belief that one can attribute to them is Islam.

British love Islam so much that their government is actively supporting al-Qaeda in Syria, backs up Islamists in Nigeria and has bombed Serbia because it has tried to quell Islamist insurgency in Kosovo.

When one looks at the British Isles, one sees the new Muslim nation so well diverse that the Muslims in it are faced with an unprecedented choice – should they even waste time to convert the unbelieving “kafir” with the sword, as their holy book says, when Brits themselves are already set to embrace Islam without having themselves beheaded.

Hard choice, indeed.

FYROM’s cancelled gathering de-recognition of Kosovo, Albanian violence expected

FYROM could soon be a subject to the Albanian separatist violence now that the country has decided to cancel a gathering of regional sovereign states after Romania, Serbia and Bosnia launched a protest over presence of Kosovo Albanian separatists at the gathering in Ohrid.

Macedonian President George Ivanov said that the meeting was cancelled to “protect the interests of the state and the dignity of Macedonia” and that “Macedonia does not want to be a participant in the game with vetoes, least of all boycotts”.

Ivanov’s statement may be reasonable but offering reason to the Albanian Muslim separatists who only understand violence is like offering a feather to scratch an itch. As a result, it is reasonable to expect that some sort of a violent response by the Albanian Muslim “minority” in Macedonia should be on the way soon as a response for this indirect withdrawal of FYROM’s recognition of Kosovo.

The so-called Ohrid Summit stipulates that only recognized sovereign states are allowed to participate, so FYROM’s cancellation over Kosovo, whatever the reason, is first and foremost that country’s de-recognition of Kosovo as an independent state. As a result, Albanian Muslim separatists in the region are likely to launch violence against FYROM to assure that the country gets in line with their demands while whining how FYROM allegedly does not respect Albanian rights.

Another dimension of this cancellation is the subtle shift in the regional geopolitics. Up until now, FYROM was an obedient pet to the EU and US demands in the region who demand that their subjects approve all and any Albanian Muslim separatist demands. In this particular case, both EU and US have sided with the Albanian separatists as EU accused Serbia of violating Brussels agreement and a “European spirit” while US issued a rather lukewarm “disappointment” that FYROM has cancelled an event, aka, withdrawn recognition of Kosovo.

Therefore, FYROM’s de-recognition of Kosovo means that the country has implicitly sided with the Romania-Serbia regional axis and thus, informally, extending the axis down towards Athens. Bulgaria, which has been garnering a particularly anti-Serb regional policy given its Slavic-Orthodox culture, could soon change its policy now that Serbia is harnessing good relations with Turkey, which itself has unresolved issues with Bulgaria and its territory.

Finally, Montenegro may soon have to decide its position in the region because it is becoming increasingly squeezed by Albania and Croatia. Montenegro, whose smaller Adriatic coast may be subject to Croatia’s and Albania’s joint aims at naval supremacy in the Adriatic may find such aims inconvenient for verity of reasons, some of which may include presence of lot of Russian money.

Meanwhile, FYROM itself is increasingly in a divisive position given that parts of its country are dominated by local Albanian Muslims who have consolidated power on all local levels in the west of the country and have kept the government paralyzed by holding key government positions for its separatist representatives.

Finally, it should be kept in mind that all of the Albanian separatist action in the region is coordinated by Albania itself whose secret service agents, developed during its communist era, have been deployed in the region in order to destabilize all of the states it borders with an aim of annexing those regions. In Kosovo, for example, Hashim Thaci is the direct link to Albania’s secret service arm, Shërbimi Informativ Shtetëror, while numerous Albania agents in FYROM have formal and informal links with various figures that are in the public or run underground mafia cells.

Any violence in FYROM, therefore, could happen at a whim of a finger of Tirana bosses.

For Croatia, its role in Holocaust remains a non-event

Today, several Croatian officials showed up at the site of the government’s WWII death camp where they were slaughtering Serbs, Jews and Roma but while officially urging “love”, Croatia’s popular culture still treats the role Croatia as a nation played in WWII Holocaust as a non-event.

Consider Croatia’s media coverage of the event.

The story where the Croat President is urging “love” for all those whom Croatia has been killing – namely love of Serbs, Jews and Roma – is shoved somewhere on the bottom of their web sites.

Below, for example, we see the screen shot of Croatia’s news site One needs careful examination of all the other headlines in order to come across a link to the Jasenovac story, all the way on the bottom of the page, and only as a link to another site and not their own report.


Croatia’s is, thank goodness, less Holocaust-phobic. Although brief, the Jasenovac story is their own but still way off the top of the page where such horrific event belongs as part of the legacy of Croatian people.


Granted, it took some guts for the Croatian President to decide to mark the Jasenovac liberation, but it is to be expected that he will, soon, become the target of political potshots by vast array of Croatian politicians who, lets be frank, savor the fact that they were killing Serbs and Jews and that, in the end, their methods of genocide have won: There are virtually no Jews left in Croatia while number of Serbs has dwindled to nothing.

Official Croatia has even removed all the exhibits from Jasenovac death-camp prompting one survivor to send an open-letter noting that “the information on the historical truth about the crimes committed in Jasenovac shown blurred, with systematic avoidance of explicit the single essential information.”

Even Croatians who oppose their WWII government, the Ustasha, they do so not out of disgust for what they’ve done but out of pragmatism that aims to shield the perpetrators and absolve Croatia’s responsibility for the genocide. Croatia’s former President Stipe Mesic was rather frank in this admission when he bluntly stated that Tito and the communists were good for Croatians because they removed the war reparations, guilt and saved the Croatian WWII leaders from justice.

Mesic is indeed correct because Croatia has never paid their reparations while Ustasha leaders, virtually all of them, moved on to south America where they became either wealthy businessmen from the capital they plundered out of their victims or, like the chief Ustasha, Ante Pavelic, got to run the security apparatus of the Argentine government.

While brutally assassinating scores of Serbian democrats and Serbian Church clergy, Tito and his communist bandits touched no Croatian Ustasha.

Now, 68 years after Jasenovac, the Ustasha deeds still remain unpunished but unlike Hitler, Ustasha ideology has won in Croatia, because what that government has set out to do during WWII all of it has materialized now, even the triviality of their atrocities so much so that it has become a non-event.