Kosovo Albanian Muslim Jihadists on organ safari in Syria?

Last year we got the news that CIA has gotten their Albanian Muslims in Kosovo to train the terrorists of the so-called “Free Syrian Army” and quickly after we heard that Albanian Muslims are volunteering for Jihad to Syria.

Now that reports are surfacing that the “Free Syrian Army” is engaged in a human organ trade, coincidentally or not, it appears that the Albanian Muslims are on human organ safari in Syria, a commercial activity they pioneered in Kosovo by abducting Christian Serbs and yanking out their body parts.

“Free Syrian Army members are trafficking in the body organs of Syrian civilians and army soldiers after kidnapping and murdering them, according to a report in the Turkish paper Yurt,” reports Examiner.

“[M]ost of the Syrians abducted by the armed groups are subsequently ‘killed, and then gunmen trade in their corpses through removing their kidneys, eyes and liver.'” says the report.

Another report says that a human corpse sells for $600 while a live human fetches $1,000, a slight premium because, presumably, his body parts haven’t degraded yet and it takes less effort to have his body shipped because he can move on his own versus a corps which has to be carried.

All of this, of course, sounds familiar to those aware of Albanian Muslim activities in Kosovo by the so-called “Kosovo Liberation Army” whose members, like the “Free Syrian Army” were supported by the US and had clandestine contacts with the CIA.

Both armies are engaging in the profitable organ trade via kidnapping, violence and alleged claims of political freedom.

An investigation in the Kosovo Albanian organ trading is allegedly going to end next year, a convenient date for the EU diplomats because by than Serbia will be on path to EU membership and could be forced to drop charges against Albanian Muslims as part of the bargain of becoming an actual EU member.

One surmises that the outcome of the Albanian organ trade in Kosovo may serve as a template for the same in Syria, a situation reminiscent of comments Bush the Dumb made in 2008 when he recognized Kosovo, that the history will prove US right on Kosovo.

Meanwhile, Albanian media says that 40 known Albanian Muslims have joined the Syrian Jihad of which several have already died and are buried there. Jihad recruitment, as in the US, is done in mosques where prayers include mass murder of infidel as a path to Islamic holiness.

Some reasons why Serbia should stay away from EU

The list of countries that are enslaved by the Euro-regime crisis is increasingly growing and the entire European Union, as a result, looks like a wooden house slowly chipped away by termite ants who will eventually bring down the entire structure – and Serbia is lucky that the EU, last week, declined to offer Serbia membership date.

That it is so attests yesterday’s report by the European Commission that has detected substantial financial risks in 11 EU member countries in addition to the ones already in crisis!

So, besides the already crisis-stricken Ireland, Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal and Cyprus, the Commission warns that Slovenia is on the way towards bankruptcy and the “commission detected less severe imbalances in 11 other countries: euro members Belgium, Finland, France, Italy, Malta and the Netherlands, as well as euro outsiders Bulgaria, Denmark, Hungary, Sweden and Britain,” reports Bloomberg.

This is a rather impressive list! So much so that the only place where there is no crisis is in Germany.

Now, if Euro does not work for everybody but one than it is rather hard to claim that Euro is a good thing and that membership in the European Union has any benefits – because if it was so the list of countries in crisis would shrink instead of enlarge and the EU would have some sort of a remedy for their ailments.

Not only does EU have no growth policy but instead, to square the irony, the EU has issued a threat of punishment to all of these stricken by the financial malaise.

“Both countries [Slovenia & Spain] were given a May 29 deadline to make reforms or risk becoming the first to be punished under a year-old ‘macroeconomic imbalances procedure’ designed to deal with the lagging competitiveness and overstretched banking systems that fueled the debt crisis,” reports Bloomberg.

Punishment! So what is the point of being a member of the EU club?

Of course, Slovenia used to be a poster child for a “good European” whose government took snobbish “high ground” in dealing with the lowly Balkanites, especially when dealing with Serbs to whom they were quick-witted to dispense much snobbish moral high ground so now that they are in line for bankruptcy and financial punishment, well, that  is something, as morally elevated nation, they could enjoy.

As for Serbia, by being snuffed with territorial ultimatums from the EU, Serbia has been spared tremendous amounts of economic and political troubles because any date would have been for the benefit of Serbia’s ruin.

Not only would Serbia have to have given up on its Kosovo province, but post-date negotiations would require Serbia to go the path of a more drastic “austerity” while having to impose a stronger peg of its currency to the Euro and thus become just like all those countries on the list above that don’t use Euro but whose risks have been detected and are on the rise.

Staying away from the current European Union’s house of termites is the most prudent strategy for Serbia.

Serbia looks set to reject EU coercion

With the “very likely” rejection of EU ultimatum to recognize Kosovo Albanian Muslim outlaws, Serbia looks like it is laying out 3 arguments for the rejection:

(1) The offer is not written on paper but just ideas that are not enforceable

(2) Ideas offered are an ultimatum to enforce laws that are not in the Serbian constitution but in the “constitution” of the outlaw Albanian Muslim entity and

(3) EU may not be the best medium to “negotiate” issue of Kosovo irrespective of what Germany et.al demand out of Serbia before it gets a date for membership talks.

If rejected, the status of Kosovo remains frozen as is with the Albanian separatists in the same predicament: (1) shielded by the US and promoted as some sort of a country (2) no loss for the Albanian Muslim separatists and (3) firmer conviction by the Albanian Muslim separatists that the EU and US stand behind their interests and are invincible (for how long?)

Of course, Serbia will be blamed for the failure but, harking back at history, blaming Serbs for rejecting a deal that decapitates their country is not nearly as bad as bombing which EU and US did.

Nor is the EU membership quite an exclusive club now-a-days. With half the members bankrupt or about to be, EU looks like a club ideally made for Germany and the Dutch to export their ware to the remaining members who are so contrite, out of fear, to just buy up what these make. Serbia, which produces not much Germany wants to buy, does not belong in this club where the only reason it is invited is very mystifying given that Serbia is asked to sacrifice 15% of its territory as ransom.

There is a more profound criteria about Serbia’s EU membership, however.

If the EU is pissing on Serbia and dumping excrement on them as a requirement to join this club of the “bankrupt” what incentive does Serbia have to actually join? Does anyone in their right mind want to join a club where the pre-requisite is loosing limb, being demonized as an idiot only to be a member of a bankrupt society?

In fact, if Serbs are such backwards idiots for the EU, why does EU want Serbia to join that “elite” and bankrupt club and add an idiot country to their membership?


Serbia will be served way better to wait until EU, as is, collapses and a new financial arrangement is reset in Europe before actually considering anything EU is offering… which may be a long time which Kosovo Albanian terrorists may not have.

Problems with Serbia talk to join EU cockroach motel

Serbia has been engaged in talks with Albanian Muslim separatists in Kosovo in order to achieve undefined objectives aimed at pleasing EU powers so that they could offer a date to Serbia so that membership talks can continue.

The problem with these talks is embedded in the explanation: undefined objectives that will be evaluated by undefined measurements.

Now, undefined is how these talks officially appear while in reality, wink-wink, they are a backdoor, literal and implied, so that Kosovo could emerge as an independent state dominated by the terrorists that the EU and US are seeking to legalize.

While fully cognizant of this, it is rather ironic that the main jawboner for the Serb side, PM Ivica Dacic, believes he could reverse the backdoor action and carve up northern part of Kosovo away from EU-US-NATO-Albanian terrorist control.

Waste of time, and for what gain even if Serbia is to let its sovereignty over Kosovo go?

Judging by events in the crisis-ridden region of the EU such as Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Cyprus (breath! long list) the club Eurozone resembles more a cockroach motel out which misery there is no escape.

These crisis countries have been under various forms of diktat by the dominant powers for purposes of containing their misery within their borders and not out of any “partnership” that these diplomats profess in their sentences.

For example, wages in all of these countries have spiraled to the ground, while unemployment has spiraled up and no fiscal nor monetary policy of any meaningful measure has been employed in order to alleviate their misery.

What are all of these nations sacrificing their populace over when throwing away the shackles of the Euro would serve their interests better?

Well, the answer to this is fear, because big powers have an albatross over each and every one of these states so that, in case they leave, Greater-German diplomats (German+French+Dutch) will unleash these powerful forces against them.

While Ireland might see the light of the day if the UK is to pluck itself away from the EU umbrella, Portugal would hang inert irrespective of what they do.

But, if Spain and Italy are to leave Eurozone, both would suddenly have to contend with powerful separatists movements that would be supported by Greater-Germany and would subsequently tear these countries up.

Greece and Cyprus could face an even more dire outcomes because Turkey is laying in the waiting in order to victimize and decimate Greeks.

The point of all of this is that EU is a club so unlike the purposes over which the American colonies decided to join up into a Union. Instead of aiming to create a “more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility” as in the United States, EU creates and holds grudges as an albatross over its members in order to coerce them to do things they otherwise would not.

Serbia is no different. EU has created a grudge over Kosovo, it is holding it as an albatross over Serbia and is using it to coerce Serbs into doing thing that otherwise they would not – no different than what they are doing to Spain, Italy, Greece, Cyprus…

So what is the point in Serbia’s search to join the EU when the membership does not offer any “Tranquility” let alone Justice nor the other lofty things for which, as the case of the US show, states relinquish much of their sovereignty?

Immaturity of Serbia’s leadership is showing up not just by engaging in talks with Kosovo Albanian illegal entities but also by its urgency to join the EU’s cockroach motel out of which, as a very weak power, there is no escape alive.

On the purposes of cultivating “leaders” in Serbia by the US

After two world wars, a diplomatic theorem has emerged suggesting that a defeated country should also get a diplomatic escape valve which it can claim to be a dignified way for them to regain their face that is otherwise denigrated in various ways by the victorious powers. In case of the Balkans, the big powers, led by the US, are working hard to create such escape valve for Serbia while the real policy thrust of the victorious powers is – let’s be polite and say – a “reduced influence” of Serb population and culture in the Balkans by facilitating various genocidal means against Serbs to achieve that.

It is no wonder than that US stands silent as Albanian Muslims routinely, almost on daily bases, engage in attacks on Serbs across the Kosovo province which, with the US help, was seized by these Albanian Muslims. US is also silent at the persistent discriminatory practices by EU’s newest member, Croatia, as it pursues legal and other means to ethnically cleanse the Serbs which it hasn’t so far. Similarly in Bosnia, US and the “think-tanks” that suggest a policy on Bosnia, lean against the rights of the Bosnian Serbs and favor political domination over them by allocating more dominant and discriminatory powers to the Bosnian Muslims who covet them for the sake of Islam.

Territory seizure and population expulsion – a silent genocide – is but one aspect of the American policy towards Serbs, and a successful one, done at no cost to Washington because it has been “off-shored” to the the governments of Croatia, Bosnian Muslims and Albanian Muslims, all of them who had volunteer SS-divisions in WWII that were unsuccessful at the very thing that the US is allowing them to do now.

Of course, it is one thing for Washington to have its proxy-killing force that is outside the borders of Serbia, but keeping these proxy-killers successful requires that the US also cultivates “leaders” inside Serbia that are willing to do nothing as their ethnic kin are deliberately targeted for extermination elsewhere. Cultivating such “leaders” inside Serbia requires finesse and one way to achieve that is by employing the reward-punishment method used in training dogs and other animals.

For example, Serbia’s Prime Minister Ivica Dacic was recently “rewarded” with a personal letter by the departing US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, a practice that no other US Secretary used before on Serbia, and as a result, such gesture was interpreted by the Serbian media as Washington’s “warming” towards Belgrade.

However, this “warm” letter came only after Ivica Dacic agreed to dismantle Serbia’s legitimate institutions in Kosovo so that the illegitimate ones that are set up by the Albanian Muslim separatists could take over.

This exchange in which Dacic gets a piece of paper with some ink on it, printed off a Chinese-made printer, in exchange for relinquishing Serbia’s judicial right over its sovereign territory is the very example of an escape valve that the US is creating for Serbia’s “leaders” so that the violent seizure of Serbian territory could appear as a “dignified” solution.

By contrast, certain personalities inside Serbia that stand in the way of Washington’s policy are punished by removal from their position by folks with allegiance to the US.

For example, Serbia’s former Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic, now serving at the UN, has been removed from his political party and is being dragged in domestic courts over trivial things but his domestic travails have a larger diplomatic context in which Jeremic becomes professionally isolated at the UN where he can now be cornered so that the US could score the ultimate satisfaction of making its still-born Kosovo a member of the UN and, at that, on the Serbian watch at the UN.

Another example is the fate of the former Bishop Artemije whose activities to raise awareness among Americans on the destruction of Christian Serbs in Kosovo at the hands of Albanian Muslims, whom US supports, stood in the way of Washington and were termed by the US Embassy in Belgrade as “particularly unhelpful“. Ironically, it was Jeremic, upon whom the US is wrapping the noose currently, who facilitated the removal of Bishop Artemije from his post in Kosovo and was given a retreat into a monastery. To square the noose even more, US State Department has granted a visa to this removed Bishop so that he could visit Serbian colonies across the US in hope of causing more splits inside the Serbian Orthodox Church faithful and the clergy who are not taking part in his meetings.

So how are these “leaders” in Serbia who set-up these entrapments cultivated by the US?

There are endless ways to do so… such as holding “discussions” with individuals who may facilitate outcomes favorable to the US. One example comes to us through the Wikileaks where Serbian Bishop Irinej is being praised by the US for the background information he is providing on the inner-workings of the Church termed as “observations provide some important insights” to the US but, if applying US guidelines on government secrets, borderline treasonous.

Another way is to invite these “leaders” to certain functions, be they at the US Embassy in Serbia or in the US. For example, some members of Serbia’s opposition are never invited at the US Embassy in Belgrade while most of the current and prospective “leaders” are regulars on July 4th in Belgrade or are ordered to show up in Washington for the Prayer Breakfast with the President.

Nor is it very expensive to cultivate such “leaders” in Serbia. For example, several years ago it was revealed that Serbia’s former President Boris Tadic had no more than 100,000 Euros in personal assets, about an annual income of professional middle-class US household… so creating opportunities for individuals like that to earn several thousand euros represents a quantum gain in assets for him but a negligible sum for the US State Department plus a costless acknowledgment on piece of paper of how great a “leader” such may be.

As Serbia’s EU “integration” progresses, such animal-based diplomacy from the West is expected to continue as each marginal rapprochement towards the EU membership will require Serbia to relinquish one or more additional elements that define its sovereignty over the province that US wants to tear up while these “leaders”, after proper and inexpensive cultivation by the US, remain inert at any and all sorts of attacks on Serbs in the Balkans.

Evidence popping on Srebrenica numbers hoax

For a long time now there has been a debate as to the real number of killed in Srebrenica with Bosnian Muslims inflating the figure and Serbs, most convincingly the military strategists, noting that the victorious Serbian troops were not shooting the civilians because they were too busy with operations.

Of course, when talking about the Srebrenica “massacre” it is conveniently meant a discussion about the Bosnian Muslims killed and not the Serbs whom the Bosnian Muslims killed prior to being expelled from that city.

Be all of that as it may, there are increasing number of reports suggesting that evidence exists that the number of “dead” Bosnian Muslims is seriously inflated.

For example, I am consistently receiving information from sources in Norway suggesting that “hundreds” of Bosnian Muslims that have been listed on the official papers as killed by the Serbs in Srebrenica are actually alive and are mingling freely between Norway and Bosnia.

The source hasn’t revealed the information as of yet, she tells me, because she is looking into names in the United States where number of Bosnian Muslims are living that also appear on the list of the dead.

To be sure, I have not seen this evidence and cannot vouch for it but as soon as it becomes available we are sure to hear it.

A more complete information on this, however, has already appeared in the press.

For example, chief of Karadzic’s legal team, Goran Petronijevic, has announced that soon a witness will be called to testify who is declared to be a “dead Muslim”. Petronijevic says that so far his team has identifies 26 Muslims that are on the list at the Srebrenica memorial center that are, as he put it, living in “third” countries.

“Fear that those people have for their personal and family security is enormous,” Petronijevic said so “that person, and many others will testify under security measures.”

Because of security issues, Petronijevic declined to add anything further on this matter.

“Therefore I cannot offer more details but that his testimony he gave was 400 pages long,” noted Petronijevic.

Another devastating detail against the Srebrenica numbers hoax just came out this morning with a statement by the “founding father” of the dominant Bosnian Muslim political party, the SDA, who says that him and other top echelon Bosnian Muslims were circulating a list of 500 to a 1,000 Bosnian Muslim names that were murdered by their own during their withdrawal out of Srebrenica in July of 1995.

“At least 10 times have I heard the chief of [Bosnian Muslim] police Hakija Mehonjic [about this list]. I would not be surprised if he is to claim that he never said that,” says Ibran Mustafic, one of the founding members of the ruling SDA party of Bosnian Muslims who are credited with bringing in al-Qaeda killers into Europe and domiciling them into Bosnia.

Mustafic says that the lists existed that said that those 1,000 or so Srebrenica Muslims must not “under no price be left alive and grab onto liberty”.

“I personally know that the [official Srebrenica list of dead] is a father who is said to have lost a son, but he never had a son, neither among killed nor missing. Similar is about the man who died in the Netherlands, but is carried under missing” Mustafic says.

He is also skeptical on the real number of dead in Srebrenica because it is being manipulated.

“Srebrenica has been, since 1993 to 1995, a demilitarized zone. So how come there are so many wounded and alive,” Mustafic points to an anomaly.

Just like his compadre who recently testified at the Karadzic trial, Mustafic says that Bosnian Muslims had a secret assassination squad whom he refers to a “the lord of life and death”.

We are sure to hear more on this issue as time goes on.