Fires Sweeping Southeastern Europe

A fire that broke out in Bulgaria was among the latest in a string of summer wildfires sweeping parts of Bulgaria, Macedonia, Greece and Serbia.

Southeastern Europe is currently dealing with a widespread heatwave and dry conditions both of which can lead to forest fires.

Blazes have destroyed hundreds of acres of forests and bush in Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro. Some of the fires raging on the border between Serbia and Kosovo are too dangerous to fightl because of minefields left over from the war over the former Serbian province in 1999.

Greece issued a request on August 21 for the country’s intelligence services to help find arsonists suspected of being behind wildfires that wreaked havoc on the Greek island of Chios. Officials say that there were “indications, if not proof” that arson was the cause of the Chios fires. Greece has been scorched by large numbers of wildfires in recent days.

A large number of wildfires broke out across Serbia but all of them, except for the one on Mt. Zlatibor, had been localised by the morning of August 23, Belgrade news website B92 said.

A total of 246 fires were reported in Serbia on August 22, the largest on Mt.Zlatibor.