Serbia set to present plan for Kosovo at UNGA session

Source: Ve?ernje novosti


The main debate of the 67th sitting of the UN General Assembly chaired by former Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremi? will begin on Tuesday. The Serbian president will address the participants on the first the day of the sitting.

The Serbian delegation also includes Foreign Minister Ivan Mrki? and Nikoli?’s advisor Marko ?uri?.

“Serbia will send a message of cooperation both to its traditional friends and to countries we only have an ambition of developing close and friendly relations with in order to improve the country’s reputation in the world and create preconditions for a better positioning in the international-economic exchange,” ?uri? said.

According to him, Nikoli? will have a large number of bilateral meetings from September 24 until September 27.

One of the meetings will be with EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Catherine Ashton.

According to some announcements, Ashton will meet with Kosovo PM Hashim Thaci, who has been lobbying for new recognitions of Kosovo’s independence in New York.

Belgrade team chief Dejan Pavi?evi? told the dialy that he expected the situation to be clearer after the president’s talks with Ashton and that many issues would become more concrete, such as whether the talks would be continued on a higher level.

“We will in New York present parts of our plan and how we think the dialogue should be continued. The EU will present its plan and so will probably Kosovo. President Nikoli? is facing a difficult job,” he stressed.

He said that it was important to discuss serious political issues and issues that affected the lives of the people in Kosovo in the continuation of the dialogue.