List of the killed and kidnapped children in Kosovo and Metohija after June 10, 1999

Children Kidnapped, Killed or Burned to Death in their Homes and Apartments

BEOGRAD – The former President of Yugoslavia, Vojislav Kostunica, presented the Secretary of the Hague Tribunal, Hansu Holthausu, a list of the kidnapped and missing chilren since the arrival of the international mission forces Unmika and KFOR to Kosovo to this day. The Serbian newspaper “Blic” published this list.


1. Dimic Zorica, from Prizren, six months old, together with her mother Lela burned to death in a fire started by Albanian terrorists August 15, 1999

2. Lazarevic Oliver, about 13 years old, killed in the village of Budisavci in the county of Klina, in front of his house by Albanian terrorists mid-1999.

3. Mladenovic Sava from Prizren, 6 months old, burned to death in a fire strated by Albanian terrorists September 21, 1999, when his mother didn’t want to leave her house or Prizren.

4. Pavlovic Nenad, 15 years old, kidnapped and killed by Albanian terrrorists on June 19, 1999 in Obilic.

5. Petrovic Jovica from the village of Bostane, county of Novo Brdo, 12 years old, killed by a firearm while tending flock near his home.

6. Petrovic Milo, son of Ljubomir from the village of Cernice in the county Gnjilane, four years old, killed with two other Serbs by the Albanian terrorist Afrim Zecirija during an attack on the village on May 25, 2000. Zeciri approached a group of Serbs gathered in the central hall and opened fire on them.

7. Petrovic Milo from Pec, 16 years old, killed mid-1999 in Savina Voda near Pec by a sniper.

8. The grandson of Branko Cukic from Gnjilana, killed in June 1999, while working on his farm.

9. Andjelovic Stojan, 17 years old, kidnapped in August 1999.

10. Blagojevic Ivan, from the village of Ljubi near Prizren, 15 years old, kidnapped August 18, 1999 near his village with another eight Serbs

11. Vukovic Milan from the village of Dubovnik in the county of Decani, 17 years old, disappeared on June 13, 1999 while traveling between Pec and Dubovnik.

12. Gligorijevic Nikola, three years old, kidnapped September 7, 1999 in Pristina with his mother Dragana.

13. Sivkovic Nenad from Pristina, 15 years old, taken at the little market near the old post office in Pristina mid-1999.

14. Majstorovic Ivan, student 17 years old, son of Milorad, kidnapped August 19, 1999 around 10:00 a.m. near the overpass in Pristina.

15. Markovic Aleksandar from Suva Reka, Karadjodjeva Street no. 23, 17 years old, son of Djordje and Ljubinke, kidnapped June 12, 1999, together with his parents.

16. Markovic Radmila from Suva Reka, Karadjordjeva Street no. 23. 13 years old, kidnapped together with her brother Aleksandar and their parents and nothing in known of them since that time.

17. Girl with the last name Nikic, 17 years old, disappeared June 24, 1999 in Pristina.

18. Mladenovic Dragana from Prizren, kidnapped mid-1999. She had previously received threats from a group of Albanians that she would be killed unless she leaves her home. Since she refused to leave, her house was burned and her 6 month baby was thrown into the fire.

19. Radevic Milo, 5 years old, from the village Zlopek in the county of Pec, kidnapped August 2, 1999 with his parents.

20-23. Sekulic Bogdan, son of Milos and Goca, 5 years old, kidnapped with parents the night of June 25, 1999 in Pristina in Dardanija, together with sister Dragana, 10 years old, brother Lazar, 6 years old and sister Nevena, 2 and a half years old.

24 Stankovic Borka, 43 years old, last time seen with her nine month grandson Milos June 16, 1999 in Kardjordje Street in Prizren and from then there is no trace of them.

25. Stankovic Dragan from the village of Klobukar near Novo Brdo, 17 years old, kidnapped July 4, 1999.

26. Takic Ana, 6 years old, kidnapped at the end of August 1999 by a group of Albanians in Prizren. A few days later her disfigured body was found. Her hand was cut off.

27-28. Sutakovic Djordje, 16 years old, and his brother Radovan, 19 years old, kidnapped June 15, 1999 from their apartment in Djakovica together with mother Dara and father Nedeljko. Nothing is known of them since that time.

29-30. Kastrati Ljuan, Rom from Prizren, kidnapped August 9, 1999 in Prizren together with three children of which is a minor, daughter Marijeta, 17 years old and son Damir, 6 years old. They were taken to an unknown location after his house was burned.