Natural (Great) Albania or new war on Balkans – Koço Danaj
MONTENEGRO – Albanian politician Koço Danaj said that Montenegro should leave eastern parts of its territory, mainly inhabited by Albanian population, so that territory would belong to “Natural Albania” , reported Serbian daily Kurir. If “Natural Albania” is not formed, there will be new war on the Balkans, he said.

Danaj, in an interview for the DPA agency, said that all Albanians should live in one state.
He also said that Albanians suffered great injustice at the conference in London in 1913. At the conference was prevented the unification of all Albaninas, although few years back everyone had agreed to it.

“Today we demand unification of all Albanians, without war,” said Danaj.

When asked what sort of effect would cause forming of “The Great Albania”, he said that they [Albanians] actually like to call it “Natural Albania” because the term “The Great Albania” comes from the Nazis during the World War II.

“The effect is the guarantee that there will be no more violence on the Balkans. Otherwise, new Balkan war is pending. If we have Albania in its natural borders, this will not happen,” said Danaj.

When asked how can the “Natural Albania” be created for all Albanians, he said that the only solution is organizing new international conference. Danaj, at the promotion of its political list “Natural Albania” in 2010, said that the creation of the new state can be done peacefully and through negotiations with neighbors.

Danaj also asked the Government of Montenegro to organize a referendum which would allow Albanians to say whether they would like to continue living in Montenegro or to have their territories set aside.

In January this year, leading Kosovo and Albanian media wrote about the existence of the future map of Europe, which predicts that the Great Albania will be created by 2035. This was prognosis made by, as said at the time, the American CIA analysts.

Milovan Drecun, chairman of the board for Kosovo and Metohija of the Serbian Parliament, said recently that the signing of the agreement of military cooperation between Kosovo and Albania, as well as having Albanian military forces on the Kosovo territory, is heavy and unacceptable provocation that contributes to destabilization of peace in the region and sends the message of great Albanian pretensions.

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