Albania grants dual citizenship for all Albanians in the Balkans except Kosovo

Tanjug 1 Aug. 2013

PRISTINA – New law came into force on August 1. The law considers dual citizenship and with the act “begins Albanization of the region”, reported Tanjug quoting Pristina daily Zveri, which also says that this is not possible for Kosovo Albanians.

Outgoing Prime Minister Salji Berisa initiated several months ago allowance of the Albanian citizenship to all Albanians in the region and citizens living in Kosovo, but few weeks later Kosovo Albanians were removed from the list of those who can apply for the dual citizenship.

The explanation was the beginning of the visa liberation process for the citizens of Kosovo.

Daily criticizes the decision of Berisa to disable dual citizenship for Kosovo Albanians and states that by the application of the law impression is created in Pristina that Kosovo Albanians are discriminated.

MP of the movement “Self-determination” (Samoopredeljenje), Redzip Seljimi, said granting Albanians in the region Albanian citizenship is good, but he believes that a “great injustice” was done to Kosovo Albanians.

He said that injustices to Kosovo Albanians are continuously being done for the last 100 years. Since Albanians have paid for their freedom, and that their will is respected, he said, they do not have neither their freedom nor the respect of their will. The will of Albanians, said Seljimi, is that all of them are united and to have the same rights.

According to MP, Kosovo leadership is to blame for the situation, as it, as he said, laid the foundations for the creation of Kosovo nation and degradation of Albanian.



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