Number of Dutch Army Veterans Willing to Testify on Behalf of Karadži? has Quadrupled

The number of Dutch veterans, members of the battalion stationed in Srebrenica during the 1992-1995 civil war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, who are prepared to testify on behalf of Republika Srpska first President Radovan Karadži?, has more than quadrupled in the past few months, ever since one brave soldier — Marco Van Hees — courageously stepped out of the heavy media blackout surrounding Dutch troops, determined to help unearth the whole truth about Srebrenica.
“At this moment, 91 Dutch Army veteran, member of the battalion stationed in Srebrenica in 1995 is ready to tell the whole truth about the events in that enclave and thus defend Radovan Karadži?,” said Aleksandar Gavrilovi?, founder and president of the association Serbian Research from Netherlands.
Gavrilovi?, who is originally from the Serbian town of ?a?ak, has invested years in trying to present the full truth in Netherlands about the events in Srebrenica and the atrocious crimes committed against the Srebrenica municipality Serbs by the Bosnian Muslim war criminal, Srebrenica warlord Naser Ori? and his savage gang of mujaheedins.
“The first Dutchbat veteran who publicly said he would testify in Radovan Karadži?’s defense was Marco Van Hees. His statement was ignored in Dutch media,” Gavrilovic said, adding that “when it turned out Van Hees is not alone and there are others among the former Blue Helmets who would testify on behalf of Karadži? in the Hague, a full-blown internet war begun: on various web pages a number of lies was bandied about, aimed at harming the credibility of the first witness”.
Gavrilovi? cited a number of outright lies and disinformation being plastered throughout the cyberspace, including the blatant fallacy shamelessly pushed forth by the Bosnian Muslims, alleging that Hees’ mother is Serbian.
“The purpose of these stories is to smear Marco and to tear down the credibility of his statements in which he denies the official Srebrenica myth. It is also incorrect that Marco was a member of one of the earlier Dutch battalions rather than the third [Dutchbat III]”, Gavrilovi? said.

Dutch War Veterans Wrongly Accused


Gavrilovi? explained that Dutch media is under the strict government control and no publicity is given to the case of their troops which were stationed in Srebrenica.
“By presenting their truth about Srebrenica, Dutch war veterans are also fighting for their own existence, because these people are entirely isolated in the Holland society, they are left with no employment and to their own devices. The reason for such (mis)treatment is fear that Dutchbat soldiers could threaten the official position taken by the former Dutch government, which accepted the blame both in its own and in the name of Dutchbat soldiers, and resigned,” Gavrilovi? said.
“These men who are trying to get their pensions, so their families would have something to live on, have been the victims of the postwar trauma syndrome. A number of them, in a bitter struggle to survive, have been driven to the edge of delinquency and few have committed suicide. But all that remains unknown to Dutch public. There is only immense pressure and no-one, not a single public person or an intellectual had expressed their solidarity with these men and women. Needless to say, Srebrenica as the subject is constantly present in Netherlands, but it is being approached only in the well known manner: Muslims are always only victims, and everything the Serbs present is treated as ‘propaganda’. This has been going on for years now,” Gavrilovi? said.

According to Ivan Mili?i?, member of the Serbian Research association, there is no real democracy in Netherlands and there is no freedom of speech.
“In a state where you can legally buy drugs and where the narco-tourism flourishes, there is no freedom of speech: not a single public person, including the NGO sector, is supporting Dutch soldiers in their justified efforts to take the blame off themselves for something that didn’t happen to begin with — the alleged ‘genocide’ against Bosnian Muslims”, Mili?i? said.
“We Could See Srebrenica Muslims Attack Serb Villages at Night”
Marco Van Hees said he would testify before the Hague tribunal to confirm that Srebrenica, declared a UN safe haven, was in fact a Muslim military base from which vicious armed attacks were carried out against the Bosnian Serb army and civilian population in the surrounding villages.
“We could see that at night, using the special binoculars and termographic cameras, but what could we do? On the other hand, Dutchbat troops were never allowed to talk to the Serbs, and I never noticed any attempts to open a dialog with the Serbs in that region”, Van Hees said.
An unnamed Dutchbat veteran who is also willing to testify before the Hague tribunal, claims that Muslim troops stationed in Srebrenica were secretly being armed by the “black fleights” — the Americans:
“I would see them going about in new uniforms and I talked to them in Serbian during the reconnaissance patrols,” he said in a statement in Gavrilovi?’s possession.
“They are rightfully embittered because they were stripped of their rights and isolated, since they are considered a ‘publicity risk’ for the Dutch government, and a threat to the common assumptions about the war events,” Gavrilovi? said.
Mujahedeen-Occupied Srebrenica was a Hellhole
Milivoje Ivaniševi?, member of President Karadži?’s defense team, said he was pleasantly surprised by the number of Dutch veterans willing to come forth and testify about the things they have witnessed first hand.
“In September [2008], when I first spoke with Dutch soldiers, 21 veteran was prepared to testify in Radovan’s defense. In the meantime, that number had grown more than four times. This is a pleasant surprise for me, showing that these men and women have gotten rid of the pressure of their government and Muslim lobbies. Those soldiers were abused, the Dutch government mistreats them and the Bosnian Muslims are spitting on them,” Ivaniševi? said.
Regarding the possible testimonies of the Dutchbat troops in the Hague, he assessed that “all the facts have already been established”, but are differently interpreted:
“It is well known who was wounded when, who received a decoration or a promotion, and how many of those ‘executed’ were killed by the pieces of shrapnel. Dutch troops could tell about the chaos and the plunder in [Bosnian Muslim-run] Srebrenica which, in only three months, received 1,900 tons of humanitarian aid by the parachutes, and three times more by the roads — at the time when many were starving. They could tell a lot about the prostitution and offering of the daughters and girlfriends to the Dutch humanitarians, about the widespread crime and the inter-Muslim clashes,” Ivaniševi? said.



Everyone’s a “Srebrenica Massacre” Victim!

“It makes me very happy that those war veterans are willing to testify in defense of my brother,” Luka Karadži? said.
“The Dutch government had shamed them and blamed them for doing what they did not do and they simply wish to shake that shame off themselves. It makes me happy, not only because of Radovan, but to prove that Serbian nation is not ‘genocidal’, and that the entire Srebrenica story is a big lie. Bosnian Muslims were burying everyone as ‘Srebrenica massacre’ victims — including people killed before the war, people from the other towns, those who died in Srebrenica of natural causes, and those Naser killed himself. They also added the ones killed during the breakthrough to Tuzla, and those they were leaving behind in the battlefields, that Serb Army was left to bury…”, Luka Karadži? said.


Source: De-Construct