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Serbs recall nail pulling, torture by Kosovo Albanians

Nov 13, 2010

A witness at the trial of a group of Kosovo Albanians told the court that Kosovo Albanians pulled his nails with pliers and tortured him with chain saw.

“They [Albanians] beat me until unconscious, my body was blue,” testified Zarko Djordjevic, a Serb captured by the Kosovo Albanian terrorist group, the KLA, whose members now make up the so-called government of Kosovo.

Djordjevic told the court that in June of 1999 his Kosovo Albanian neighbors kidnapped him and took him to the village of Vrban where he was held captive for 7 days.

The captors kept his eyes covered and Djordjevic was unable to see faces of his torturers.

“Why haven’t you gone away to Serbia, they asked me, forcing me to confess that I murdered 23 of their people,” said Djordjevic.

The War Crime Prosecution Office charged 17 former members of the KLA Gnjilane Group with the murder and torture of civilians in Gnjilane in 1999. Eight of them are still at large and being tried in absentia.

Members of this group are charged with torturing at least 80 individuals to death, as well as disappearance of at least 34 persons whose fate is still unknown, while they illegally detained, tortured and then freed some 150 people.

Another witness, Slavica Antic, testified how the Albanians murdered her father and a cousin while they were in the field mowing.

“Father was found with two bullets in the area of chest, and the cousin was bullet sprayed,” said Antic.

Albanians that are arrested and held in Belgrade jail are Nazif Hasani, Ahmet Hasani, Faton Haydari, Samet Haydari, Ferat Haydari, Kamber Sahiti, Selimoan Sadiku, Aguš Memisi i Burim Fazli.

Albanians that are part of the groups and a fugitives are Aydari Fazliya, Aliya Redzepi, Saqiri Saqir, Musliya Sefket, Aliya Sadik, Aliya Idriz, Nuhija Semsi i Halimi Ramadan.

Some of these fugitives are believed to be shielded by Kosovo Albanian officials.

Another witness testified how Albanian brothers that went by nicknames of Bandit and Builder kidnapped his son.

“I saw that Builder after the kidnapping but I was afraid to ask what happened to my son,” said the witness Dobrivoje Metodijevic from Gnjilane.

Dead body of his son was found in 2006.

November 13, 2010

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